Choosing The Best Light Truck And Commercial Tyres

Most fleet owners and operators understand the need and rationale for selecting the best quality, economically priced equipment and parts for their trucks and vehicles. However, it can be difficult to identify and track down the best commercial tyres for late-model trucks and commercial vehicles. 

The best place to start the research is with the leading commercial tyre manufacturers like Maxxis Australia or visit your local tyre retailer. Both resources have a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into and most reputable dealers have decades of experience selling commercial truck tyres to businesses and Fleet Managers.

Tyre Selection Considerations

Take the load capacity into consideration

If you are doing considerable driving, and most commercial vehicle operators are, then you should consider how much strain your tyres are under when carrying bulk freight and heavy loads. Load capacity should be taken into full consideration as should ply strength and sidewall design. All of these elements have a direct impact on tyre performance as well as failure or tyre damage as a result of improper tyre selection.

Ask the manufacturer or tyre retailer about the capacity limits and expected performance levels under various stresses and road conditions. This will help to protect your driver’s safety and ensure that your vehicles operate at peak conditions.

Consider off-road options

A common mistake many fleet owners and operators make is using tyres intended for use on sealed roads for off-road driving. There is a great difference between the two tyre designs. Consider using off-road tyres on vehicles that regularly see rough terrain, as off-road tyres have hardier rubber compounds to protect from sidewall impacts, and they often have tread patterns that eject stones and debris more easily.

Steer Tyres Gain Extra Control

Another important consideration in the correct tyre selection is how the vehicle will maintain steering control while operating in wet and slippery wintery conditions. Many fleet operators have recognised this as a problem when operating in certain regions around the country. The solution is adding specifically designed steer tyres to the front axle position. These tyres are designed to help channel water away from under the tire surface more efficiently, thus keeping the rubber in better contact with the road surface

Summing Up

Tyres are an extremely important part of fleet management. Therefore, it is important to work with trusted experts such as Maxxis Australia to ensure that your vehicles have tyres that are fit for purpose. The Maxxis Australia team will help you find the right commercial tyres for your vehicles and trucks.

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