Chinese Education System Explained

The Chinese education system is fascinating. It’s one of the oldest systems in the world and has a rich history. Today, teaching jobs in China are in demand as the system delivers education at such high levels that students from China are among some of the most highly sought after professionals in the world.

But what is it all about? Let’s find out.

History of Chinese Education

The history of education in China is long and varied. It is a country that has been home to many different schools and styles of teaching, which translated into a wide range of educational institutions.

The earliest written records of Chinese education date back to the Shang Dynasty, when a hierarchical system was created with the King at the top and his subjects below him. At this time, there were established schools for each social class: nobility, military leaders, and common people.

The first proper Chinese school was founded by Confucius (Kong Fu Zi). He was an educator who taught about humanity and virtue through his teachings.

The next major development in Chinese education occurred during the Han Dynasty when Emperor Wudi ordered his officials to create an examination system based on Confucianism principles so that he could appoint more qualified people to government positions.

In 1898, Yuan Shikai established a government-run university called Peking University (Beida). This marked the first time that higher education had been offered to everyone

How does the Chinese education system work?

The Chinese education system is regarded as one of the most successful in the world. The system is based on a combination of traditional and modern methods, which are designed to ensure that all students receive a quality education.

The Chinese education system is divided into three main stages: primary school, junior secondary school and senior secondary school. Children usually begin their education at 6 years old and finish at 18 years old. The first 10 years of school are compulsory for everyone in China.

China has a very long history of teaching children how to read and write Chinese characters, which are used in both written and spoken Chinese. These characters are made up of strokes that represent different sounds or meanings that can be combined together to form words or sentences.

Many people believe this method of writing helps children develop better memories than those who learn using an alphabetical system like English or Spanish because they have more opportunities to practice remembering individual pieces of information such as pronouncing each character.

Chinese schools use a combination of lectures where teachers talk about topics related to the subject matter, group work where students are expected to discuss their ideas with each other and help one another understand the material, and independent study where students review what they’ve learned in their own time.

The main subjects taught in primary school are math, science and social studies (history). In secondary schools there are more subjects added such as literature (poetry), art (calligraphy), music, physical education and politics etc.

Levels of Chinese education

Chinese education is often confusing to those who are not familiar with it. The system is divided into three levels: elementary, middle, and high school.

The elementary school covers grades 1 through 6. Students in this level learn basic literacy skills such as reading and writing. They also learn about common subjects such as math and science.

The middle school covers grades 7 through 9. Students in this level continue learning about basic literacy skills such as reading and writing. They also learn about more complex subjects such as history, geography, and economics.

The high school covers grades 10 through 12. Students in this level continue learning about basic literacy skills such as reading and writing. They also learn about more complex subjects such as history, geography, and economics.

After high school, students can attend higher education which refers to university or college level education and takes three or four years to complete.

The advantages of the Chinese education system

Teaching in China is designed to create strong, well-rounded students ready for the job market. It’s a system that focuses on developing not only their academic skills but also their social and emotional skills.

The Chinese education system is based on the idea of learning through immersion, which means that students are expected to learn by being immersed in an environment where they are surrounded by people who speak their language and understand what they’re trying to say. In order to become fluent in a language, it’s important that you have opportunities to practice speaking it as much as possible.

This immersion approach helps with more than just learning how to speak another language; it also helps them develop important social skills like empathy and self-awareness. By spending time with people who don’t speak your language, you’re forced into situations where you have no choice but to rely on nonverbal communication or gestures—and this kind of practice can help children overcome any barriers they might face when interacting with others later on in life!


There are a number of factors that make the Chinese education system so spectacular. The discipline, the culture, and the academics all play a vital role in helping students grow. While there are certainly drawbacks to this system, many of these strengths are not present in other Western countries, making China’s education system the best choice for students looking to get ahead in life.

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