CBD Brands on the Market in 2022: Best CBD Oil Canada

CBD oils and other products made from cannabis have become very popular since they were made legal in Canada and other places. The drug is well-known for treating things like depression and long-term pain. Several companies in Canada make CBD because it is becoming more popular and easier to get.

The wide range of options, CBD oil varieties, and other options intimidate any novice. However, selecting the right one can be challenging regarding the best CBD oil in Canada.

We have compiled a list of Canada’s top five CBD oils to help you choose the best CBD oil for your needs.

Top 5 CBD Oils in Canada on the Market

We have selected the best five CBD oils available in Canada. You’ll find that these brands’ CBD oil and other CBD products work well and can be trusted.


CBDNorth is one of the most reliable places to buy CBD oil in Canada. It has been shown that their CBD is all-natural, organic, and very effective. Customers have said that their CBD products are solid and work well. One of the best things you can buy is their full-spectrum CBD oil. 

When mixed with clean, organic MCT oil, their hemp extract from Canada makes a potent mixture. The blend makes the most of the entourage effect with CBG, THC, CBDV, and other cannabinoids. Because of the entourage effect, the oil works better, which makes it a great way to treat pain, insomnia, discomfort, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Aside from the full-spectrum oil, the CBD isolate oils from CBDNorth are great for people who need CBD oil without THC. Their hemp extracts contain 99 percent CBD, and no traces of THC can be found. You won’t feel even a bit of THC’s mind-altering effects, but you’ll still get better sleep and less pain.

CBDNorth’s website has a way to learn more about CBD in Canada for people who are just starting and want to know more. You can look at the dosage guide, recommendations, tips, and more if you want to learn more about other products. There are so many CBD products to choose from that it would be hard to pick just one, but the guide will help you pick the right one. Every product is backed up by third-party lab results that are easy to find. It still has a good name as one of the market’s most honest and open CBD brands.

CBD Magic

In Canada, CBD Magic is a well-known CBD brand. The company makes full-spectrum CBD oils and CBD that dissolves in water. The company is known for making one of the market’s most affordable full-spectrum CBD oils.

Even though it has full-spectrum products like CBDNorth, its entourage effect is not as strong as that of full-spectrum CBD oils. Their products have detectable amounts of CBN, THCV, or CBG. Using their products will also give you a different feeling than CBDNorth products. And at the end of the day, people don’t just use CBD to feel less high.

However, these oils are still appropriate for people who require dependable and inexpensive assistance with sleep issues, discomfort, anxiety, and indicators of depression. The website tells you which CBD oil items you can use based on your intended application. This can make it easier to find a full-spectrum oil.

Plant of Life

Plant of Life is another CBD product made in Canada and based in Toronto. Aside from its full-spectrum oils, the company sells other CBD products like capsules, gummies, pet treats, and more. On their website, you can find everything they sell.

Their full-spectrum CBD oils aren’t as strong as CBDNorth’s. They work well to calm anxiety, ease pain, and make you feel good.


When compared to the other three CBD brands, BuyMellow is a smaller site. Even though they are a smaller Canadian CBD brand, they have a wide range of products, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate products. They don’t just sell oils and tinctures anymore; they also sell skin care products and bath bombs.


For those who enjoy trying new things, there are many possibilities available. A large variety of products is available, as well as a wide variety of dosages at extremely inexpensive prices. Organic goods and oils are used in their formulations.

What Made Us Choose These CBD Oils?

You must choose the right oil to get the most out of full-spectrum CBD oils. We have a list of things we checked off before making a short list of the best things.

Source of Hemp

A good CBD oil, not just a full-spectrum oil, needs to come from the right source of hemp. We chose these brands because they use the best organic hemp in the country. Before we said “take it or leave it,” we looked into where they get their hemp from, how it gets to them, and what measures they have to ensure it stays healthy. Since the quality of the hemp used is so important to how good the CBD oil is, it is the most important part of the selection checklist.


If the CBD oil you use is not strong enough, you won’t feel anything. Another important thing to look for in the best full-spectrum CBD oil is its strength. The mixture’s strength depends on how much and concentrated it is. You can change the dose depending on how strong the oil is, but it is still best to choose oils with a high potency so that you need less of it.


CBD oil has other ingredients; they must be pure and checked to see if the user is allergic to them. Bad CBD oil, whether it is full-spectrum or not, will have ingredients that are harmful or cause side effects that aren’t necessary. Full-spectrum CBD oil usually has more than just CBD in it. 


There are terpenes and essential oils in the oil, but they help the CBD work better. We ensured that each ingredient in our search for the best full-spectrum CBD oil was safe. But you may be allergic to one of the things. So, before you use CBD oils, you should talk to your doctor.

Lab Results

Companies may add more or less high-quality ingredients because CBD oils are not heavily regulated yet. We looked at these companies’ published lab results to ensure we wouldn’t get ripped off by them. Third-party results show how effective, safe, and reliable a full-spectrum CBD oil is. Any brand that didn’t list third-party results and certifications was automatically removed from the competition.

Company Experience

Even if a full-spectrum oil is good, it’s not worth buying if it’s too expensive, hard to find, or doesn’t taste good. It’s important to think about the buying process when choosing the right CBD oil. We looked at the return policy, how it tastes, how much it costs, and how it ships. A company that can’t meet the needs of a wide range of customers can’t meet the needs of a customer. So, we ensured that the companies we featured were the best places to shop.


Apart from the results of third-party lab tests, there are other important things that a company needs to be open about. They need to be honest about the history of their brand, their online reputation, and the information on their website. The right companies will have all the important information about their supply chains and processes in the open where anyone can see them.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right CBD oil takes more than picking the first choice. We want you to be able to find the best CBD oil for your needs, so please use our suggestions and order some today. Before making a purchase, it’s best to do your research. However, seeing a physician before consuming CBD oil is even more important.


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