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Casino in Cinema

The representation of casinos in cinema in the 20th century is complex and varied. While some films depict casinos as places of glamor and excitement, others show them as seedy and dangerous. Casinos have been used as a backdrop in films since the early days of cinema, but their portrayal has evolved over the years.

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The early films of the 20th century often portrayed casinos as glamorous and exciting places. In films like The Lost World (1925) and the James Bond franchise, casinos were seen as places where the wealthy and powerful gambled for high stakes. They were filled with luxurious furnishings, beautiful people, and plenty of action. These films would often have exciting scenes of high stakes games, such as baccarat, roulette, and craps. The films would also often have a romantic subplot, with a man and woman meeting in a casino, falling in love, and eventually winning the big jackpot. 

As the 20th century progressed, the representation of casinos in films began to change. The films of the 1970s and 1980s began to depict casinos as seedy and dangerous places. Films like Casino (1995) painted a grim picture of the casino world, where gangsters, hustlers, and con-artists lurked in the shadows. In these films, the casino was often a place of crime and corruption, where fortunes were won and lost in a single night. 

The representation of casinos in cinema in the 1980s was largely focused on the glamour of the high-stakes lifestyle. Films such as Rain Man, Casino, and The Color of Money depicted casinos as luxurious and exciting destinations, where people could make big money and live a life of luxury. The characters in these films were often charismatic and confident, demonstrating the power of the casino lifestyle. The flashy lights and loud music of the casinos provided an exciting backdrop for these movies, further emphasizing the allure of the casino lifestyle. The 1980s saw a rise in the popularity of casinos in the media, with many films depicting the glitz and glamour of the casino world.

The 1990s saw a shift back to a more glamorous portrayal of casinos in films. Films like Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and Casino Royale (2006) showed casinos as places of glamour and excitement. These films depicted the casino as a place where anything could happen, where fortunes were won and where dreams could come true. The films also showed the casino as a place of high stakes, where the players were well-dressed and the stakes were high.

The 21st century has seen a renewed focus on the glamour and excitement of the casino world. Films like The Hangover (2009) and 21 (2008) have shown the casino as a place of fun, adventure, and excitement. These films often feature outrageous scenes of high stakes gambling and wild parties, creating a heightened sense of excitement and drama. 

Overall, the representation of casinos in cinema in the 20th century has been both glamorous and seedy. While some films have depicted casinos as places of excitement and glamour, others have painted a grim picture of the casino world. Throughout the century, the portrayal of casinos in films has evolved and changed, reflecting the changing attitudes and perceptions of the time.

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