Card Machines UK – Which Card Machines Are Right For Your Business?

Card machines have become a staple among customers in the UK, and now you can find an array of card terminals to suit any business need.

There are two types of card readers: portable ones that can be taken to customers’ locations and countertop/POS machines that remain stationary on your premises at all times. Each has its own distinctive features and capabilities.

Ingenico Group

ING is one of the leading card machine UK manufacturers, providing terminals to thousands of businesses nationwide. Their product and service portfolio includes credit card terminals, payment software, and point-of-sale (POS) solutions.

For over 50 years, Ingenico has been the go-to card machine manufacturer in the UK. Despite other manufacturers entering the market recently, Ingenico remains a dominant force within this sector.

Ingenico offers a comprehensive selection of smart terminals to meet your individual needs and budget, from basic mobile card machines to high-performance desktop units. Each machine features a touchscreen interface and is compatible with most major payment types like Visa or MasterCard.

Their credit card terminals also boast a range of features, such as an integrated touch screen and barcode scanner that can help reduce time spent at the cash register. This saves you both time and money, creating for an improved customer experience.

Another attractive aspect of Ingenico credit card terminals is their telium software platform, which enables software developers to easily add functionality to a custom point-of-sale application. Furthermore, installing it couldn’t be simpler: compatible with all devices from Linux and Windows operating systems to iOS and Android operating systems, Ingenico terminals offer ease-of-use regardless of your operating system!

Many small retail businesses find it essential to accept all available payment methods. Ingenico’s Desk 3500 countertop terminal is an ideal solution, as it handles magstripe, EMV Chip and Pin, NFC contactless transactions, digital wallet transactions as well as offering back office reporting and store performance tracking capabilities.

For small businesses, Ingenico’s iSMP 4 terminal is a top choice due to its speed and dependability. This credit card terminal can be used both mobile and stationary applications with an optional fingerprint reader for increased security.

Ingenico’s iSMP 4 provides an impressive set of features, such as its user-friendly API for integration with custom point of sale systems. Plus, it comes equipped with a programmable credit card reader capable of processing both EMV chip cards and NFC technology transactions.

Barclaycard Anywhere

Barclaycard Anywhere is a mobile card machine designed to provide security, flexibility and affordability for small businesses. It’s ideal for tradespeople, seasonal traders, pop-ups and merchants selling at events like concerts or trade fairs.

It works by connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth, and the app then helps accept cards from customers. There are various models available, each with their own pricing plan. For instance, Flex Mobile costs PS10 per month and is ideal for seasonal traders or businesses with an annual card turnover of less than PS200,000.

The Anywhere model, on the other hand, does not charge a monthly fee but instead charges an one-off rental charge of PS29. While not as feature packed as some of its rivals on this list, it is compatible with various mobile devices and provides full pay-as-you-go service.

However, its lack of regular software updates suggests that the system’s security could be at risk. We’ve heard customer feedback indicating problems with Bluetooth disconnecting from the mobile app and waiting a long time before being able to reconnect for another payment.

As with most card machines, you need to download the free app on your phone or tablet and pair it with your device using Bluetooth – once connected, you can accept payments from customers. The Barclaycard Anywhere app is compatible with many Android and iOS phones and provides useful features like stock monitoring, sales capabilities and payment history.

Barclays has been actively pushing its own mobile payments strategy in recent years, seeking to gain a significant presence in the UK market. Most recently, it introduced real-time replacement services for lost or stolen cards through its app.

Barclaycard customers now have the ability to make contactless payments from NFC-enabled Android phones without opening an app or entering a PIN code. Unfortunately, this functionality isn’t yet available in all countries, but should be available soon enough.


Worldpay is a UK-based payment processor that offers merchants an extensive selection of products and services. These include stand-alone terminals, mobile terminals, smart terminals, point of sale systems (POS systems), e-commerce software as well as payment gateways.

Worldpay’s OmniFlex product provides a solution for businesses that need to process cards in multiple currencies. This solution allows you to accept card-present, card-not-present, recurring and real-time transactions from customers across more than 120 currencies.

It also supports ACH transfers and digital/mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Plus, its fraud protection systems and analytics platform enable you to track and evaluate your business performance.

The company provides its own gift card and rewards processing solutions, designed to help your customers maximize their purchases. This makes it a great option for businesses that want to create an exclusive loyalty program tailored to their individual requirements.

However, it’s essential to make sure you only sign up with Worldpay if you feel confident providing all necessary information. Otherwise, additional fees that weren’t disclosed at the start may arise during your contract.

Worldpay does not offer upfront pricing – you must contact them by phone or email for a quote based on your business information. This can be frustrating when compared with competitors that provide upfront prices or even free plans.

Worldpay does boast some impressive features, such as its iQ platform for managing data and transaction disputes. Plus, customer support is available 24/7 with various phone numbers to choose from.

Worldpay may have some negative reviews on Trustpilot, but overall their ease of use and customer service scores highly. Furthermore, their website provides helpful support guides and how-to videos so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

The company provides a full selection of hardware for its payment machines, such as countertop and portable options that can be installed in-person or over the phone. Each includes an integrated chip and pin reader that handles both in-person and phone payments alike.


Card machines are now ubiquitous in taxis, coffee shops, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants – their technology has advanced beyond recognition. Not only do they accept credit and debit cards with chip and PIN numbers but also contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay and process tips and refunds accordingly.

Payments with a credit card machine can be an efficient way of increasing sales and improving customer service. But it’s essential that you select the right type of reader for your business needs. A device with high acceptance rates and rapid turnaround times will not only boost your profits, but it will make the checkout experience for customers enjoyable as well.

If you need a reliable card reader for your business, Takepayments offers a selection of products tailored to meet your requirements. They’ll come out to discuss your requirements and then provide an individualized quote with all relevant details. Furthermore, their staff are more than happy to answer any queries along the way.

They offer a portable credit card reader which you can take with you wherever needed. The Ingenico model is small, lightweight and easy to set up using Bluetooth connection to its base station and comes equipped with an impressive battery. Perfect for businesses that need to accept payment where an ethernet connection may not be available – perfect!

When selecting a credit card reader, ensure it meets PCI compliance and can be upgraded as needed. Furthermore, consider whether the machine has an offline mode to minimize downtime when your internet connection is disrupted.

If you need to take payments in one place, desktop or countertop card machines are ideal. They support both chip-and-pin as well as contactless payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Plus they come equipped with a built-in receipt printer that can process tips or refunds.

Takepayments offers a 12-month contract with discounted rates and no setup fee, plus they have payment specialists on hand who can negotiate better rates with your merchant account provider. They’re experts in this area and can advise you on how best to save money on business transactions.

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