Car Safety Driving Tips during Monsoon

Cruising in your car across the city can be a fun experience. However, that is when the weather is nice and sunny. Meanwhile, driving the same car in the rain can be quite stressful, particularly in India. Flooded roads, reduced visibility, and unpredictability of rains add to the dangers of driving during the wet months.

While you can avoid driving in the rain, you cannot ensure that you will never get caught in the rain. Also, the possibility of road mishaps cannot be ruled out when you are driving on flooded roads.

Prevention is better than cure. It is always better to take precautions when driving in the rain than to rely on your vehicle insurance to cover your losses.

  • Keep the windshield clean

The windscreen of your car should be clean at all times. The same rule applies in foggy conditions. Do not forget to top up the wiper washer fluid. It helps in cleaning the mud-laden splashes that hit your car when driving. As a result, you can the road ahead clearly and your chances of meeting with accidents reduce.

Also, to prolong the life and efficiency of your vehicle’s wiper blades, you should service your car regularly.

  • Check your tyres

Ensure the tyres of your car are in good working condition during the rainy months. By doing so, you reduce the likelihood of the tyre disk becoming less effective because of contact with water.

Also, maintain optimum tyre pressure as prescribed in the instruction manual.

The tyres have treads to provide a good grip on the road, especially during the wet season. They do so by dispersing water and allowing minimal contact between the rubber and the road. Now, if your vehicle tyres are worn out or are bald, they will not displace water efficiently. This can make your car slide on the wet road. In such cases, you should replace the old ones with a new set of tyres.

Ideally, the tread depth of your tyres should be at least 2mm deep. Besides, if your car tyres have less than 30% treads left in them, then it is time for a replacement.

You should also know almost all tyres come with tread wear indicators. They are small cross rubs that are 1.5mm to 2mm high and are embedded in the main longitudinal grooves. Thus, if you notice that the tyre surface is on the same level as these ribs, it’s time to get a new set of tyres.

Also, remember, worn tyres puncture easily and can even burst.

Buy car insurance online to ensure your car is covered at all times. ICICI Lombard offers several plans to suit your needs and budget.

  • Ensure your car brakes are efficient

Efficient brakes form a crucial aspect of a safe driving experience. It is even more important during the monsoons for you may have to stop more frequently because of rains or poor visibility.

It also helps to dry your brakes after driving over big puddles and during incessant rains. To dry them, tap them lightly and repeatedly.

Brake failure cannot be predicted; it can cause accidents. This is why you should not forget to insure your car. The benefits of car insurance include wide coverage when you need it the most.

  • Switch on the lights whenever needed

Switch on the fog lights and headlights of your car when the road ahead is not visible. By doing so, your car becomes visible to other people on the road. Some people may suggest using hazard lights when visibility is low; do not do that.

They are meant to be used only when your car is stationary or in vulnerable areas. If you use these lights while it is raining, a slow-moving car could mistake it for a parked car, which can cause accidents.

Although you take all the mandatory precautions, you can yet meet with road accidents while driving. Nevertheless, you can protect your savings by purchasing car insurance online. You can choose from a host of options in vehicle insurance policies to cater to your unique needs.

  • Maintain a safe distance and drive slowly

When it comes to wet surfaces, the braking distances tend to increase. That is why it is better to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road during rains. Moreover, you should avoid driving at a fast speed when it is raining. In the process, you have enough room to brake and more time to plan your next move. In addition, you will have a clearer view of the road ahead.

  • Chart out your escape route

Always be prepared for the worst. When you are driving in the rain, you must be prepared with how you are going to escape during an emergency. Some cars have an inner boot release mechanism that is accessible by the folding rear seats; you can exercise this option if your car doors get jammed.

Or, check if you can break open a window with a car hammer. It may also help to have other handy tools such as a fire extinguisher, torch, and seatbelt cutter in your car.

  • Wading through flooded areas

Many times, you have to wade through waterlogged streets during the rains. Before going further, try to assess the depth of the water. Observe other cars to get a better idea of the water depth. If required, wait for some time and gauge the road situation.

If you plan to move ahead, do so by putting your car in first gear. Additionally, increase the engine RPMs to prevent water from entering the exhaust when in water. In case the water enters the exhaust, do not start your vehicle.

The benefits of car insurance include protection against car repair and other accident costs. So, insure your vehicle to enjoy its related benefits.


The above-mentioned tips can help you to have a safe ride during the monsoon season. Service your car regularly to avoid car breakdown situations as much as possible. More so, do not forget to buy vehicle insurance to enjoy protection against accident costs and third-party damages.

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