Can math help you when playing online slot games?

In the United States, slot machines have maintained their position as the biggest money producer in casinos. 65% to 80% of the gambling income of casinos in many states is gotten from Luxury Casino slots. So, why do players put millions of dollars into slot machines daily? 

It is very easy to play slots these days. Just put in the currency, choose a bet amount, press spin, and wait. Ranging from online slots to physical ones, they function in basically the same way. In online slots, specifically video poker, there are ways a player can hold the most advantageous card. No matter the branding, all other slot machines are purely games of chance. 

Game of chance?

Most people admitted that the chance part of slot machines appeals to them. Being a game of chance, you stand a jackpot chance as a beginner, as much as a pro. Just know the basics: place money in a slot and press spin. It all boils down to luck and as you know, luck smiles on people frequently or occasionally. 

As long as slot machines are played by enough people, they are considered reliable money yielders. That’s why casinos can’t seem to do without them. A chat with a gaming consultant and casino management instructor, Bob Ambrose, revealed that game math exists. 

What’s game math all about?

Casinos evaluate the performance of a slot machine by checking mainly, the drop. The drop is the cash deposited in the machine by players. They also check the handle, which is the total amount bet by each player. The question is, how is the fate of the winner or loser determined by the slot machines? 

The math mechanism of slots

According to Ambrose, slot payouts are calculated statistically. When the spin button is pressed, the random number generator is activated. This is an algorithm that decides if a spin will be a loss or a win. It also determines the magnitude of a win. Every game has been programmed with a set hold percentage. It also has a paytable that determines the number of payouts, and how often the payouts will be. 

Video poker, as well as other games with low volatility, have frequent payouts, but in little amounts. Megabucks progressive and other high volatility games have fewer payouts that run into several million dollars at a time. Although the payout from high volatility games promises to be bigger, playing low volatility games buys you more time. 

Is there an edge for a player on a slot of pure chance?

It’s not possible as the casinos have a statistical advantage. It means that with the math of the game, casinos generate a constant positive win for themselves. However, there’s a way a player can benefit. Players will stop playing and the casinos will fold up if slot machines do not pay out any money. 

As mentioned earlier, slots appeal to a lot of people because of the equal chances of winning. There are realistic chances of winning for every player. However, it’ll always be in favor of the casino in the long run. You have to keep this in mind because no matter how lucky you get, the casino is always luckier.

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