Can An Online MBA Help You Start a Gaming Company?

The world of esports has grown in popularity in recent years. The explosion of this industry has led to many lucrative careers and high salaries. Today, the esports community boasts more than 250 million participants and regularly offers prizes that can top the seven- or even eight-figure range. Championship matches draw viewership numbers that have started to exceed the Stanley Cup finals. Mainstream brands and major sponsors have now jumped on board to promote events and broadcasts. Even traditional sports teams such as the Miami Heat and Dallas Cowboys are investing in esports teams.

With esports becoming mainstream, companies like Hotspawn have become popular sources of news, analysis, and how-to guides. Gamers from all over the spectrum are seeking advice and information to gain a competitive edge. As more and more players are entering the esports space, many seek to improve their rankings and standings to get name recognition within the community. A diamond- or master-level player ranking will help gamers pursue a career in the gaming industry.

More than just a player level and ranking, however, teams, developers, and sponsors are going to begin expecting expertise as well as education. Opportunities within the esports business are highly competitive, given the recent popularity of the industry. To be noticed, gamers will need to know things such as the difference between endemic and non-endemic brands and how to create value for both in this emerging market.

Additionally, many esports participants dream of starting their own companies and creating their own brands. To be successful in this space, you’ll need some education along with expertise. Let’s be honest, though: you don’t need an MBA to start a gaming business or create your own game. Your gaming expertise will go a long way towards helping you realize your goals. You will, however, benefit from the “MBA mindset” when crafting your business and carving out your specific brand. Let’s look at how an MBA can help you live your gaming dream.

Choose your program.

Selecting the right school and program will be instrumental in helping you to fulfill your ambitions. The right MBA program will help you grow as an entrepreneur and understand the various concepts of sustaining a successful business. Selecting a program that will help you gain knowledge and give you time to develop your business could prove to be the key. An online MBA program has allowed some students to pursue other opportunities or juggle a full-time gig while also getting an education. Search for “online MBA no GMAT” to find a program that also doesn’t require an entrance examination.

While an online program isn’t for everyone, students who can work independently can find great success with this type of degree. Aside from the flexible schedule, you might also find lower tuition costs, easier accessibility, and the benefits of career advancement and development. Choosing a quality online degree program can move you in the right direction towards your esports career.

Work towards your goals.

At its core, gaming is like a big project. You have to see your project through to completion to reap the results. Whether you’re playing the game, designing the game, or selling a game, you have to see it through to the end successfully. This is where your “MBA mindset” will come in. Being a gamer will give you the experience and knowledge necessary for the gaming industry. However, a business degree will help you understand how to set and achieve your goals on a strategic, operational, and tactical level.

If you’ve got a passion for gaming and esports, you might have discovered a new career path. Due to the industry’s astronomical growth, passions and hobbies for video games can now be turned into full-time careers. Gaming expertise coupled with a business degree can open doors and set you on the path towards owning your own gaming company.

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