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Bye 9 to 5: Tube Monetization & Automation Program:

Tube Monetization & Automation is an ultramodern program. In this program, you will learn everything you need to know about building YouTube channels after 2020. Everything old-fashioned is gone and the latest strategies are introduced. Whether you want to create and build personal brand channels, wrist channels, mix channels, or show-to-face or voiceless channels, this program is perfect for you. In other words, Hi to Tube Monetization & Automation Program and bye9to5official.

What exactly BYE 9 to 5 is?

Good bye from 9 to 5 – for those who want to make money on YouTube without resorting to a camera or showing off. Thus, the course teaches you how to create videos in which you do not need to put your face or voice into those videos. Basically, it automatically creates content. However, if you are not interested in YouTube, this course may not be for you. You will not be able to learn mobile skills during the course.

Who is Jordan Mackey?

This course curator is a YouTube and eCommerce expert, Jordan Mackey.

Jordan Mackey is a YouTuber.He professes to claim various YouTube channels with a consolidated 3-million subscribers. He doesn’t really say what the channels are anytime, yet they do exist. He is likely mysterious to guarantee that individuals don’t discover his very stunning plan of action.

What Will You Learn in the Course?

Bye 9 to 5 has 20 different modules, but only the 8 main modules are discussed here. The main focus of this course is to make video creation as fast and easy as possible.

Let me give little detail about 8 major modules:

  • Module 1 : Introduction

In this module you will learn more about the course curator Jordan Mackey and how to get the most out of this course.

  • Module 2 : Choosing Your Perfect Niche

In an internet-earning world, choosing the right and profitable niche is like winning half a game. Many say that choosing a niche is very easy. You have to start with a niche that has a passion, but that’s not true. He also reveals the secret to choosing a niche with a high CPM.

  • Module 3 : YouTube Basics

YouTube isn’t simply to watch your number one trick recordings or figure out how to cook your next scrumptious Chicken Curry supper. Be that as it may, there is a ton you can do on YouTube.

  • Module 4 : Passing Monetization Review

In order to start pay on YouTube, you need to adapt your channel. This module is jam-loaded down with methodologies for beginning with earning that no other program will show you.

  • Module 5 : Instant Monetization

This module will amaze you by showing you so many opportunities to monetize your YouTube channel beyond the traditional Adsense and other ways. You would certainly have no idea about these alternatives other than simply monetizing your YouTube channel. and a quick approach.

  • Module 6 : Video Topic Research

This is one of the biggest problem areas for novice YouTube users and many YouTube veterans. And what if you’ve already chosen your niche, but after posting a few videos you’re completely stuck and now have a huge question in front of you? “Which type of video do I need to post?”

  • Module 7 : Creating and Editing Your Videos

So now your profitable niche has been selected, tick. You have nearly 20 video points, please tick. This module covers all the stages of the video creation phase, from finding the best free places and stock movie stocks, music, and photos you get used to putting them together in a simple way and free to use video verification tools.

  • Module 8 : SEO Secrets for Truly Going Viral

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the first largest video search engine in the world on the internet. This module will help you optimize your video. This is an important idea to understand, which not only greatly increases the chances of a post or channel getting impressions and views, but also helps you put yourself on the first page of YouTube or Google. I will.


In the event that you need to bring in cash through YouTube, Bye all day is an extraordinary course to look at. It is extraordinary compared to other YouTube courses I have seen. While it a few drawbacks, specifically the way that you most likely will not be making fascinating substance, the positives far exceed that. I hope you will like this Bye 9-5 guide attempt.

¬†You can’t turn out badly with this course. Much obliged to You!

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