Buying Property in Belize: The Complete Guide 2023

Belize’s housing industry is constantly rising. Despite price rises over the last 10 years, homes near tourist attractions on the coast or in the interior remain attractive investments.

Belize is a beautiful place to live. Belizean houses for rent are in great demand if you’re seeking for a rental property. 

Whether you’re searching for a long-term investment or a source of income in the near term, Belize is a solid option.

What Attracts Visitors to Belize

Belize has a very high standard of life. Belize is a terrific place to call home whether you’re a young family seeking for a life away from the tourist path, a business owner wanting to benefit from Belize’s developing tourism industry, or a senior looking for a snug, cheap place to call home.

The sky is clear most of the time, and the weather is nice all year. If you like water sports and outdoor activities, Belize is the place to be. Belize emanates the casual, unpretentious charm of the Caribbean.

People here enjoy peaceful, stress-free lives. There are no skyscrapers, fast food restaurants, or chain restaurants. There are also no traffic jams or blizzards.

Why is the Belize real estate market so active?

If you reside in Belize, you may be able to live close to your family. Belize is just a two- or three-hour flight away from major US or Canadian cities. All major airports have daily flights. 

Traveling from Belize to the United States is straightforward in an emergency or to visit family.

How to Locate Properties

Certain parts of Belize continue to attract travelers, expatriates, and retirees. These are only few instances.

Ambergris Caye 

This island off the western coast of Belize is the major lure for visitors. San Pedro, the island’s capital, is a modern city with many facilities. 

San Pedro includes lavish, rich resorts and residences in addition to economical lodging. Because of its stunning surroundings and bustling nightlife, it is a key draw for both visitors and residents.

Caye caulker

Caulker is a Belizean island. Caye Caulker is a popular tourist and diving destination since it is small and self-sufficient. 

It is just as peaceful as Ambergris Caye. There is an airport, a business center, and a hotel on the island.


Placencia on Belize’s southernmost coast, is known for its magnificent beauty and white sand beaches. It goes more slowly than Ambergris Caye Property and offers a broader range of hotels, motels, and hostels.


Locals often go to Chetumal, Mexico for shopping, entertainment, and American-style food due to the hamlet’s closeness to Belize’s northern border with Mexico. Despite being distant from the main road, many foreigners choose to live in Corozal due to its isolation.

This is referred characterized as Belize’s “secret pearl” by many expatriates. Despite being distant from any beaches, it is the epicenter of ecotourism in Belize. 

The lively, urbanized town of San Ignacio, Belize’s capital, is just an hour’s drive from Belmopan, the country’s biggest metropolis. The Cayo District is nice and affordable.

Can international real estate purchasers put their faith in Belize?

Belize is one of the few countries that allows foreigners to own property and land in the same way as natives do. Buying real estate in nations like Costa Rica or Mexico, on the other hand, needs a few more steps if you’re a foreigner. 

You can do it, even if it requires extra work. Other Central and South American countries make it more difficult to acquire real estate.

Property in Belize may be acquired with the same simplicity as it can in your own country. 

You may invest in residential real estate, rental apartment buildings, commercial real estate, industrial structures, or undeveloped land.

Keep two things in mind. One, if you buy and manage a business in Belize, you must hire Belizeans. Two, on every land transaction, a government stamp transfer tax of roughly 5% of the purchase price must be paid.

Special Tax Breaks

The lack of capital gains tax is a fantastic benefit of acquiring real estate in Belize. If you acquire land, develop it, and then sell it for a good profit, you keep every penny. 

If you buy a condo and subsequently sell it, you keep all of the profits.

Real estate taxes in Belize Secret Beach Land are also quite low. Property taxes on a $250,000 house in the United States might be as low as $500 to $1000 each year. Tax rates in less developed areas might be significantly lower.

To control condominiums, Belize has established new condo ownership restrictions. This is in response to the increasing demand for this kind of real estate. 

The rules are comparable to those in the United States and other first-world countries where condominiums are common.

Concerns about language and the law

For a variety of reasons, doing business in Belize is uncomplicated. First and foremost, English is the official language. 

This is a relic from Belize’s days as a British colony, and it facilitates the administration of contracts and other legal concerns.

Second, property agreements in Belize are analogous to those in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. 

You’ll have no issue comprehending the procedure and the paperwork. However, you should continue to deal with a local realtor and attorney who can assist you in avoiding scam artists.

The Belize real estate industry, like any other organization that promises huge profits and high-dollar transactions, has attracted its fair share of people who do not have your best interests in mind. 

Working with reputable local specialists is an excellent way to safeguard oneself.

Reasonably priced

Affordability is one of the primary elements that draws travelers to Belize. 

Although costs have risen throughout the year, they remain competitive when compared to Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Florida and California coastlines. You can find affordable apartments to rent or live in.

The land is reasonably priced. Undeveloped land is often affordable to acquire. It is critical to carefully choose a property seller. 

The tight environmental rules in Belize may prohibit such land from being utilized.

A democratic and stable country

Belize is a stable country with a democratically managed government. Because of the booming tourism industry, the government is increasingly aware of the need for more amenities and better security measures. 

Belize has no riots or terrorist attacks, and the nation has a low crime rate.

Foreign exchange efficiency

Money exchange is straightforward in Belize. The US dollar and the Belizean currency conversion rate is $2BZ to $1US.

Almost all products and services around here take US dollars as payment. Only the most remote sites accept Belizean currency.

What is required to buy real estate in Belize?

Here’s all you need to know about buying Belizean real estate.

Help from Local Experts

It is essential to hire a realtor to function as your buyer’s agent. You’ll want a tour who can show you around the most beautiful neighborhoods and residences. 

You need a real estate agent that will look out for your best interests.

Working with a local attorney is another wise decision. Even though the documentation in English looks to be familiar, this is a substantial transaction. Check that your documentation is in accordance with all relevant laws.

Your paperwork will be properly written with the assistance of a lawyer and a real estate agent. Your lawyer should do a title search on any property, whether it is a piece of land, a divided lot, a home, or a condominium. 

A standard title search should cost roughly $250 USD. If the property has a “clean title,” which means there are no liens or legal challenges against it, you will be provided this information.

The government limits what you may do with “deed-restricted” property owners. If you still want the property, make sure you follow these guidelines exactly.

Use your realtor to find the kind of house you want. Your agent can assist you in understanding the process and moving the transaction ahead.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Real Estate Transaction?

It doesn’t take long, especially if you have a realtor and an attorney who can expedite your paperwork. On average, 90 days elapse between the deposit and the closing.

You do not need to be in Belize to take part in the shutdown. During the settlement, your realtor or attorney may serve as your agent. 

Although this makes acquiring a property easier, we do not recommend purchasing a home you have not seen. Make at least one trip to the actual site before spending your hard-earned money on a home or development.

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