Buying Guide on Roofing tiles in Kenya

Roofing tile is a roof made by connecting clay, concrete, ceramic, or slate tiles. The price of the tiles fluctuates depending on which type of tile you purchase and your budget. In this article, I will major on the most common tiles which you can find in Kenya.

The Shocking Revelation of Roofing Tiles

With the advancement in technology and improved living standards, people are shifting to roofing their mansions and houses with tiles. In urban areas, tile roofing is applied most compared to rural areas. Tiles have different prices as well as lifespan. Below are examples of roofing tiles.

Clay roof tiles

These tiles have been used for many years, and they are prevalent in Kenya. They offer strong protection, and they are water-resistant. The tiles are highly durable, and they take a lot of years before being replaced. They are believed to be heavy.

Asphalt shingles

They are the most common roofing materials used as they are more affordable. The shingles are coated with naturally mined granules to prevent them from being damaged by UV rays.

Concrete roof tiles

The tiles are durable; they can take many years before replacing them due to their longer lifespan. The concretes are heavy,and they will pressure your house depending on the structure of the house. Their maintenance cost is low, as they can take many years without being serviced. They are fire-resistant hence cannot be damaged when the house catches fire.

Metal roof tiles

These tiles are highly durable as they can serve for over forty years without being replaced. They consist of a variety of choices. These choices include aluminium, zinc, galvanized steel, and copper. They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly unless in extreme weather conditions when they tend to be noisy.

Natural slate roof tiles

These tiles are incredibly durable as they are believed to last over a hundred years before being replaced. These tiles have an authentic appearance. The roof deck has to be reinforced before applying these tiles since they are heavy. They are environmentally friendly as they produce very little waste (slates), which can be repurposed.

Interlocking roof tiles

These are among the roofing tiles in Kenya, which are mostly made of concrete or clay. Their interlocking technology aids in installation as it is easy and quick. They are cheaper to install since they are larger than the standard tiles, and interconnecting them would take little time. These tiles are durable with a longer lifespan.

Wood shake tiles

These tiles make the appearance of the roof seem natural hence gaining the interest of many homeowners. Wood is a poor conductor of heat; thus, they are considered the best insulating material. They are more durable, and they are believed to take many years if installed correctly.

To conclude, it is essential to consider the condition of your house before choosing the roofing tiles Kenya. You should avoid using heavy tiles for light structures. Also, it would be best if you look for skilled personnel to install the tiles. By employing qualified personnel reduces the unnecessary costs of maintenance.

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