Buying Guide on Plate Compactors in Kenya

What to look out for when selecting a plate compactor in the marketplace. Different types available within the market today are the single, reversible and high performance plate compactors. How a plate compactor works.

What Determines Plate Compactor Prices in Kenya

Plate compactors work by compressing different types of soil to make it hard. These machines are very essential in a construction site and in the maintenance of our pavements and home gardens. One’s budget and the kind of work to do might influence the choice of a plate compactor however other features to consider are indicated here. Plate compactor prices in Kenya are mostly influenced by the material, engine capacity, compaction force and the horsepower.

How a plate compactor works

Understanding how a modern plate compactor works is very useful in the selection process. These machines can compress gravel of up to 12 inches depending on the frequency and centrifugal force applied. Centrifugal force powers the machine and is produced when the loads inside the compactor revolve to create a balance between the plate and the compacted material.

Frequency of the equipment is measured in vibrations per minute and the higher the frequency, the lesser the compaction force and vice versa. Choose a compactor with a lower frequency for thicker layers particularly when dealing with rough and uneven patches of gravel.

Consider this when going for a plate compactor

I am going to guide you through a simple process of selecting this equipment based on a number of accessories.

Material. Steel and cast iron are the major materials used when developing a plate compactor. Iron is found on large machines with greater compaction force and although it costs a bit higher, it ensures higher performance. Steel on the other hand is found on smaller compactors with lower efficiency.

Engine capacity indicates the expected plate performance. A higher engine capacity compacts better with slightgreater fuel intake.

Horsepower. Check the compactor’s engine power denoted as HP to have an idea of how it performs. The greater the HP, for instance 7, the higher the compressing work obtained.

Compaction force of a machine is always indicated in pounds. When the force is higher, it becomes easier to compress and the plate tends to go deeper. Different manufacturing companies have developed compactor models within force range of 3000 to 400 pounds.

Different types of plate compactors in the Kenyan market

Plate compactors come in various of shapes, sizes and designs ranging from a hand pushed machine to a huge industrial equipment which might be automated or manual. Although they have different features, they all servesimilarfunctions with comparable basics. There are three common plate compactors; the heavy-duty plate compactor, reversible and single plate compactors.

A typical plate compactor:

High performance/heavy-duty plate compactors

Offers the best compaction of various types of soil with forward and backward movements to cover large areas. They are the largest of the three with a greater engine power and compaction force, most durable and then of course a bit expensive.

 A single plate compactor

Is the easiest to operate. Best suited for small areas and simple jobs such as home garden levelling. Unlike the other two, a single compactor only moves forward.

A reversible compactor

Works the same way as a single compactor however it is able to go deeper into the ground and move both backward and forward. They cost a bit higher compared to the single ones but then a bit lower than the heavy-duty compactors.


Plate compactors are very useful with several features that you need to understand before purchasing one. I hope this guide will enable you select a reliable machine whenever you want to get that job done. Also consider other ergonomic features affecting compactor vibrations.

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