Buying guide: camping accessories

You have your tent and sleeping bag packed, but you’ll need more than that to enjoy your wild camping. Here’s what to pack for the perfect overnight trip.

So, after much thought and research, you’ve bought and packed all the camping essentials: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and stove. But what about other camping pieces that can change your experience from one that has to be endured to one. 

It is attractive and comfortable and something that you will be rushing to return to again and again?

Fear not, because we’ve done some thinking, testing, and camping and have come up with a guide to help you make sure you’ve got the fitting kit in your bag for any camping situation.

Why is it essential to plan your camping trip carefully?

More Investigations on the Way

Planning your camping trip also allows you to plan your road trip for even more fun! Plan stops along the way to check out places you like or places you’ve always wanted to visit. Make a long trip out of it and stay at other KOA campgrounds along the way.

Get something to sit on.

The British mountains are not known for being dry and comfortable, so unless you want to get your back wet, you’ll need something to stay outside your tent. 

Your rucksack can do a half-decent job as a makeshift chair, but a dedicated sit-mat or lightweight air chair would be more than enough if you’re taking it inside.

The insulated version of the Air Seat is made with a 30-Denier Polyester top and a durable 75 Denier Polyester base and is filled with thermoliteu00ae insulation. Perfect for excellent conditions.

Beware of wild water.

Even fast-flowing mountain water can carry harmful contaminants, so it’s best not to take it and start drinking it if you can avoid it. It leaves you with the options of handling water in a large bottle or bottle, pouring it through something like a Steripen, filtering small debris with a portable filter, treating it with synthetic products with chlorine and iodine, or boiling them on the stove. Choose the system that works for you, then find the product to make it happen.

What are you planning to eat?

Cold sandwiches and chocolate bars are great, but a hot meal is even better once you’ve pitched your tent and kicked off those boots at the end of a long day in the hills. 

From portable stoves and cookers to hot grills and even drop-down curtains and pans, there are options for any food, from cook-in-a-bag curry to fine al fresco dining.

The perfect setting for a cup of tea is when you are out with one kettle and two mugs.

Don’t just pack a sleeping bag.

Your sleeping bag will (hopefully) keep you warm all night, but you’ll need more than that to make a comfortable bed. First, you will need a good sleeping mat, which will provide a comfortable place for your bottom and protect you from the cold. 

If camping is problematic, consider a thin sleeping bag for extra warmth. And don’t forget, there are great options available for packable tent pillows!

Waterproof gear 

Just because your collapsible camping gear is safely packed inside your rucksack doesn’t mean it will be safe from the elements. Most mountain packs are waterproof, and not all come with a dedicated watertight seal, so it’s a good practice to buy a set of dry bags of different sizes to keep everything sealed inside. 

There are many options, from super-light bags you won’t even notice carrying to more heavy-duty, submersible, abrasion-resistant items.

Let there be light

It gets very dark on the mountain when the sun goes down. It would help if you had a headtorch in your pack, but that doesn’t need to be the limit of your light. From solar-powered to incandescent lamps, there are plenty of great options for lighting up your wild camp.

Don’t forget to keep your first aid kit and other essential tools

Many tools, pens-knives, repair tools, safety pins, plasters, and painkillers. It’s always better to go fully prepared with something small that you can use in the night camp. 

Whether you’re putting up a tent pole, a harness, or producing saddles, there’s nothing to worry about if you have the right equipment.

So crucial medical information is still there and ready to use when needed. Complete bandages or damaged parts can turn a severe condition into a life-threatening one. Prices start at £10 for a day trip size pack.

The camping store online provides durable and reliable weather protection for those things you need to protect from the elements. Prices will be very reasonable.

What makes camping fun?

Camping is fun because it’s an experience. Not only do you connect with nature and wildlife, but you are also leaving behind the stress and anxiety of city life. As you set up tents, build campfires, and learn about the world around you, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

Pack some natural comforters

Despite what the fanatics tell you, camping doesn’t have to be a complete ordeal. We are not talking about taking a dressing gown and slippers with you. Still, there’s nothing wrong with sticking some luxuries like a portable travel towel, shower kit, hipflask, or even a portable cafetière in your pack before you take off.

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