Buying crypto from a bullish Community

When looking for coins with a bullish community I have a few sources I use during research. Firstly there is the obvious, Telegram, Twitter, Lunar Crush and

Using the resources at hand I came across some tokens with amazing communities, but also providing passive income

$SHELON, the younger sister of $DOGE has particularly caught my attention.

There are some real community players behind this one and I believe in the huge potential for a token that rewards holders with 5% Doge Coin reflections. The community is buzzing for the imminent launch of their first NFT collection and such a cute logo is going to cause these to sell out quick. Plans for staking pools and other utility are starting to take shape as the token establishes itself on the Binance Smart Chain as token here to stay. Liquidity is locked for 18 years, giving investors piece of mind that the team is SAFE and not going anywhere. Doge is the original memecoin and will not be going anywhere, so building a big bag of this for the next run excites me! We may one day see Shelon sitting up there beside her bigger brother.

$CPEPE has been live for nearly 6 months and has build one of the strongest communities I have seen in the memecoin space. Cpepe rewards holders with 5% $KIBA reflections, but also offers holders the option to stake their tokens via the PoorQuack ecosystem. The 3D NFT collection is already live and sales have been booming. With the community, passive income, NFTs, swap and integrated into the metaverse this token is really turning the heads of the KIBA community.

$CPEPE is part of the MemeUniverse being created by Degenomics. A plan for an ecosystem of projects all supporting each other and creating passive income for holders. Another part of the MemeUnivers in the $TURTLE token

$TURTLE rewards holders with 5% $MRI reflections. Staking is available, 3D UFC inspired NFTs and a strong diamond flaw. A recent promotion saw the project get some big investments from the Iranian community and it is really creating a buzz globally.

Some of the other communities that have recently caught my attention are AirCoin, FrogInu, Dogelon Mars and PlugPro. I am keeping a strong eye as these communities could provide a real launchpad for their tokens. duysnews

Remember, always keep safe. Check for locked liquidity, teams that continue to build, Utility and a solid diamond floor community.

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