Buy Snake Necklace Pendant From Coppertist Site

If you’re a snake lover, you might be interested in buying a Snake Necklace Pendant. This snake-themed necklace is made of brass and is shaped like the rattlesnake’s body. The pendant measures 2.38″ long, and 0.53″ wide, and is a perfect keychain. The snake necklace is a great gift for reptile-loving friends or yourself. You can also find similar snake-themed items on the COPPERTIST website.

Snake Necklace Pendant

A small yet impressive rattlesnake pendant by Coppertist Wu is the perfect gift for reptile lovers. The small pendant is 0.9″ wide and is inspired by the Aldabra tortoise, the largest animal in the world. Not only can you use it as a pendant, but you can also wear it as a keychain! This snake keychain is made from brass and is perfect for anyone who is fond of reptiles!

A beautiful Snake Necklace Pendant features more than 1000 scales and four 0.8mm zircon eyes. A rare copper pendant made by COPPERTIST features top-notch craftsmanship. The human skull is accurately modeled, down to its smallest details, and a 65cm-long s925-silver ball bead chain. Depending on the style of your necklace, you can DIY your own snake pendant by mixing and matching other chains with the copper skull pendant.

Ouroboros Bracelet

The Ouroboros Bracelet by COPPERTIST is a striking piece of jewelry. This bracelet has been handcrafted to mimic a snake’s veins and is comfortable to wear. This snake-shaped bracelet has two rings that connect to the head and tail of the serpent. Pressing down on one ring will open the other. Although this bracelet is not adjustable, it comes in two sizes.

Made from brass, this bracelet is a favorite for its warm color and affordable price. A classic design, this bracelet looks great with both casual and formal ensembles. The centerpiece of the bracelet is a shallow pyramid. The metal that is used is hammered to resemble silk. The metal is durable and can be worn for many different occasions. The delicate design of this bracelet will enhance any outfit.

Tortoise Bell Pendant

This snake-shaped keychain is made of high-quality brass. It’s a great accessory for a reptile-loving friend or for yourself. This keychain measures 0.9 inches wide and 2.38 inches long, making it a perfect gift for a reptile lover. There are three different metal choices for this pendant, so you can find the perfect one for your budget. Read on to learn more about this necklace and get started.

The skull snake necklace features more than a thousand scales and 4 0.8 mm zircons. You can also buy other chains to create your own snake necklace pendant. You may buy Snake Necklace Pendant from COPPERTIST.WU.

Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians revered snakes and wore snake-themed jewelry as a symbol of royalty. The name “asp” refers to the Greek word for venomous snake. Ancient Egyptians wore serpent-shaped jewelry on both their hands and upper arms. The serpent’s sinuous movements were reproduced by goldsmiths and were found on a variety of snake-themed pieces including necklace pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

The king cobra is one of the oldest mythological creatures. The snake has always been active on jewelry pieces from various eras. The Ancient Egyptians admired snakes as symbols of loyalty and mystical learning, while the Celts and Romans worshiped the snake as their patron saint. Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to make snake jewelry, first crafted in the form of rings with their tails and heads linked together. This design is known as Ouroboros, which represents the circle of life.

Wrapping Up

The refined brass construction of the Romans Snake Necklace Pendant makes it a highly durable and beautiful piece. Made without mercury, it won’t tarnish or scratch, thereby showing the wearer’s individuality. The head and tail of the snake are connected in a circle, and the scale veins are vividly carved. The pendant has a mystical, wild appearance that will definitely turn heads.

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