Business ideas to put money next year

Sales Closer

If you have been a good salesperson all your life, you can create a sales force specialized in closing all kinds of products and services . 

More and more entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to sell their products or services. They tend to focus on management and marketing, but feel that they don’t know how to sell (or that they spend too much time taking care of those tasks). 

This means that there is an interesting business opportunity if you are a freelance seller specialized in closing operations, or if you have a team of cracks that are capable of selling ice in the North Pole. 

In those cases, you can offer your services to those businessmen who need to close sales, in exchange for a commission for each order you get. 

If you are a pure commercial, in love with sales, do not miss this option because you can have before you a great profitable and very fun business. Especially since sometimes you’ll be selling a SaaS-type course or software , while other times you might be selling fitness shakes, watches, or timeshare homes.

Whatever the product, knowing how to sell will open the doors for you to start many profitable businesses in 2023, since today’s society demands commercial profiles more than ever. 

Don’t miss this opportunity and put your talent at the service of the companies that pay the most.

Decoration service for parties

Everyone wants to throw parties that are out of the ordinary and that leave an unforgettable memory for all the guests. 

They can be birthday parties, engagement parties, retirement parties, or the golden wedding anniversary of a marriage.

Everyone who has organized a party knows that one of the most complicated tasks is decorating the venue or house where the party is going to be held.  For this reason, providing a decoration service for parties is becoming another of those profitable businesses with little investment in Spain. For extra interactions and sales you will definitely need to promote your business on social media. high quality followers for TikTok can be acquired in many ways. Always try to experiment.

So consider this option if you are looking for a business to invest in. 

Basically it is about placing decorative elements such as garlands, balloons or tinsel, in addition to preparing the tables for the guests with flowers, tablecloths, candles, lighting, crockery… 

Although if you want to expand your services, you can provide the catering, the drinks, the DJ, the musical performances… The limit is always set by the client’s budget.

In addition to charging a fixed amount for the work, you can also take care of selling all the necessary material for the event, which will increase your income considerably, if you are able to apply a margin to each item you recommend. 

If you have good taste and better ideas, offer your party decoration service to those people who cannot take care of these details, but who do not give up organizing parties.

Selling custom products

One of the booming businesses that can be converted into profitable investments are all those related to promotional or personalized products. 

With any of these graphic design programs you can customize t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, brags and any product you can think of, and then sell them in your own online store. 

You can use impressive designs or motivational phrases , which will surely help you sell a lot of products in your store.

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