Broadcasting TV Channels Using Internet Connection

Internet-based protocol television or IPTV delivers the content telecasted on tv over the internet to the subscriber. Traditionally, a cable connection or any direct to home setup is used for watching television content, which is satellite transmission technology. Another popular content watching service is the recently mushroomed Over-the-top, commonly known as OTT platforms like Netflix, hot-star, etc. But iptv streaming uses high-speed internet access and a set-top box for providing the facility.

It is live telecasting of the television content and other similar media without a dish or cable connection. It saves the extra cost required for such services in the form of equipment charge or connection charges and is available in similar packages like any usual TV subscriptions. But on cable TV, one can only watch what is telecasted by the channels, while in IPTV setup, you get the video-on-demand service.

What Made Such Heavy Transmission Possible Through The Internet?

The television transmission usually requires a bandwidth of around 200mbps acquired by satellites and thick cables. While any typical broadband connection can go up to a few Mbps speed to put a number, let’s say two. So it is obvious to wonder how such heavy transmission is carried efficiently by the internet. DCT video compression technology made it possible to compress the heavy television channels to as little as 2mbps to be carried through telephone wire.

The Market Position Of Iptv Streaming Technology

Though it seems really hard for iptv streaming to replace ongoing cable connections as iptv connection also requires necessary equipment charges and requires stable high-speed internet or buffer less streaming, which might again add to the cost. So, not many people would prefer to discontinue their current dish or cable connection for few benefits over cable.

Therefore, only people who can be considered as possible customers of the service are those who either do not have a cable connection yet. Others feel that they pay unnecessarily for cable as they don’t watch much TV and need some pay-per-view service.

Highly emerging OTT platforms are also great competitors for iptv as they can provide content on the mobile devices’ move as well, which iptv cannot. But it is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a technology that can provide a television channel using our home internet connection. Also, it does not need downloads, and one can start iptv streaming the content as soon as you find it. And no need to watch only what channels are telecasting, as VOD is available.

Streaming Vs Downloading Media Content

When the media is being downloaded, it firstly requires memory on the device to save the data. Further, the data cannot be viewed unless is it is fully downloaded. Although the benefit is that downloaded data can be kept for a long time.

Streaming, on the other hand, happens in real-time, and the content is being played by appropriate media players as soon as the data begins downloading. The downloaded data is not saved, and the data packets are accessed through cache memory. Data used during downloading or streaming is the same, but streaming needs a high-speed connection for continuous playing.

Features Each Type Of Iptv TV Has Got To Offer

Video on demand iptv service like Netflix only streams the content you request to be played and usually charge reasonably for this. VOD is a good option for those who do not watch much television and prefer paying only for what they watch. Such services, though, provide only limited mainstream content, which is preferred by many people.

Then there is TV on demand or TVoD, which provide recorded TV channels and similar content delivered to you. In this subscriber has to give a list of the media that he wishes to be recorded. These recordings can be accessed whenever convenient.

Finally, live iptv streaming telecasts everything that is being telecasted on cable TV contemporarily. These are the real alternative to your cable connection. But choosing the iptv setup has its advantages.

Working Of An Iptv – Behind The Scene 

Initially, the programs are stored on a server remotely. This server has high storage capabilities as the database has to maintain a large variety of content to be streamed when demanded by any user. Many VOD services that are short on storage only provide a limited range. Whenever someone requests any content to be poured, it is converted into digital signal packets. It is transmitted over the network and is decrypted into audio and video signals on the user end.

Continuous delivery of small packets of data is maintained throughout the streaming session. But we know that a single service provider has to serve multiple people at a time and thus requires sending data to various people simultaneously, and this is known as multicasting. Many people receive duplicate data packets at a time, and if they requested the data, then it streams, or otherwise, it just gets discarded by the receiver side. This way, one iptv server can provide thousands of people at a time.

Probable Future Of Iptv Broadcasting 

Many smart TV making companies have already started including iptv setup in their TV bodies themselves. These chipsets can connect to the internet via Ethernet or wifi and use it to stream TV channels. Though the TV also offers the facility to click a cable connection as well alternatively. Other companies have successfully created portable and handy iptv set-top-box in small dongles like chrome cast, for example. You have to know about the most popular best iptv uk.

Thus it can be concluded that iptv streaming is a prosperous future technology for those who enjoy watching TV. In contrast, others who only care about such content occasionally can choose OTT platforms as they are cost-efficient and available on mobile devices.

Many IPTV platforms are also providing mobile applications, giving benefits of OTT platforms at the same cost, and this is an excellent move to withstand the competition in the market. Many people look for such applications to watch their favorite content free of charge usually.

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