Brandon Lee is a Travel Junkie, Adventurer, Storyteller, and Photographer

Travel memories are made in the moments that get our hearts beating quicker.

The moments on that tiny brink between fear and excitement where your brain is asking ‘what on earth are you doing?’ but your body is screaming ‘HELL YES!’

I am exactly that kind of travel junkie, hooked on chasing adventure wherever I go…!

Well, that’s not really enough to introduce me. There is a lotttt more I want to share about myself, my travel experiences, and my adventures.

My name is Brandon. I am a travel junkie, an adventurer, a storyteller, and a photographer. I’m from Tampa Bay Florida and I’ve done a lot of high-profile work with celebrities and football players. Growing up, I went to Austin Texas and won first place in martial arts for the state of Florida. I’ve been trained for over 15 years. It was a life-changing experience for me. I improved my mental stamina and social skills and developed self-discipline and confidence.

I am the first one in my family to establish generational wealth. I began by selling candy as a side business while still in school and worked my way up to flipping furniture, cars, and houses with over 50 duplexes and quadplexes in my portfolio

l also earn through travel photography and video content creation.

I have been to 61 countries. I have seen some amazing sights and eye-opening destinations. You can view my Instagram page to see the amazing pictures I shot and the wonderful moments I captured. I literally think that I am a Hodophile (one who loves to travel) as I am eager to explore new places.

One of my favorite parts about visiting a new place is experiencing all the delicious food. And when it comes to trying new foods, I do not discriminate. I love everything from cheap street food to fine dining and even dishes that some might consider a bit strange.

I love writing about my travels almost as much as I enjoy traveling itself. I have a genuine passion for travel, which my storytelling reflects. And I am hugely ambitious and full of bright ideas. But most importantly, I am true to myself – writing brings me joy, and it’s this effusiveness that I believe has endeared me to my followers.

You can also visit my Twitch account to find the latest clips I’ve shared.

Hope my stories encourage you to make memories of your own!


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