BIMS login and account details: Smart transactions to help you with the billing process

BIMS is the most recent addition of the Kerala state government of India. The acronym stands for Bill Information and Management System in short. You must now understand that BIMS is an updated website to follow up with all your expenses, show a final check of billing, and store your transaction information for later usage. Here in this article, we will explain how you can make an account, create a solid portfolio, maintain a BIMS account, and do things to do when you forget the password of your BIMS account accidentally. So, let us start with the details in the next paragraph.

The function of the BIMS account

Why should you create an account on the BIMS website despite having all the bank details and credit card information on your phone? It is the most common dilemma that Kerala state Department came after developing BIMS. Nowadays, online banking and marketing have become more popular than any other means of transaction. So, the importance of using BIMS or such a central transaction and billing website is a must to keep transparency. Your total bill and the seller’s final memo will both be present on the BIMS website. In case of Mishap or misunderstanding, either side can claim a refund or file a complaint. It bases on the BIMS records or the past BIMS transaction history. So, it is essential and efficient at the same time to bring the complete state under one economic calculator. It is the reason you need to create a BIMS account straight away. If you did not create your user account yet, please scroll below to get a guideline to join BIMS with only a few clicks.

Joining BIMS

Creating an account on the BIMS website is more accessible than ABC. First, you have to search on the web for the Kerala BIMS website and tap it to reach the interface. On the website, you will find a bold window with DSR registration or Renewal. As you are here for the first time, you need to click on the DSR registration box. After that, a pop-up box will come up with two empty fields where you have to put in the DDO number along with a robust pin code. Once click the submit button, you have the new BIMS account ready to use.

Logging in to BIMS

BIMS does not store your password or any sensitive additional information due to security reasons. You need to click on the BIMS login window every time you visit the website. Here is the process log into your account quickly. At first, you need to click the backlink up saying BIMS login in the site. Then a window will pop-up that requires your ten-digit DDO code number and user name. Fill in the name and code, and you will find a slide-down box with the menu card. But, you need to insert the password before submitting the menu. Once you select the menu, the website will show a form with a captcha code. If you can put the captcha code ideally, then you are into your BIMS account already.


If you forget your DDO code number or password, then there is no way you can access your BIMS account. It can be disastrous. Luckily, there is an option to retrieve your password. You need to click on the forgotten password option to get a one-time OTP code on your email or phone number, depending on your DDO code. So, it is imperative to keep your password and DDO numbers safe.

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