Bikini Bottoms to Make Your Bum Look Bigger

Chances are you like to wear bikini bottoms that make your butt look great. Well, we are not Kardashian, so we must be picky about the bikini we choose.

Whether you have a great asset and want to show it off or cover your bottom, or have a small booty and want to enhance it, the right bikini bottom can do the trick. Cheeky bikini bottoms can do magic if you have a small booty and wish that you were born with a bigger booty.

If you found your way here, read on to find different styles of bikini bottoms that can make your booty look more prominent.

What exactly are these Cheeky Bikini Bottoms?

Cheeky bikini bottoms provide more coverage than thongs and comparatively lesser coverage than bikinis and allow you to flaunt that little “cheek.” It is cut in a V shape.

These bottoms are highly flattering and give your bum a rounded look due to the curved cut-out shape. They also make your legs appear longer. If you are comfortable showing off a bit of skin and love the shape of your bum, choose these bikini bottoms.

When you choose a cheeky bikini, your exposed bottom creates a curvy visual that gives your booty a fuller effect. The more the cheek is exposed, the more enhanced your butt looks. Yes, these bottoms can do the work if you do not like to put in the hard work and do regular squats.

Different bikini bottoms give your bum a cheeky appearance depending upon the coverage. Here are a few types.

1. Thongs

Thongs have a thin waistband that provides minimal coverage. A triangular cloth covers the front, and a thin string-like fabric covers the back. Thong-type bikini bottoms are ideal if you want maximum tan and minimum coverage.

This style is often referred to as Brazilian cut. It makes every woman feel sexy despite their body type. Many women also consider it super comfortable.

If you are enjoying a girls’ day out at the ocean or going for a beach vacation with your better half, pack thong bikini bottoms to raise the hotness quotient.

2. High-Waist Bikini Bottoms

Women on the heavy side and not comfortable showing too much skin go for high-waist bikini bottoms. They give your body a proportionate look by making your tummy look flat and showing your cheeks.

High-waisted bikini bottoms can look good on every body type. Whether on vacation by the beach or a casual pool party, these bikini bottoms are ideal for every surrounding.

3. Cheeky Cut Bottoms

The true cheeky bottoms are the ones that fall between thongs and bottoms with full coverage. They are sexy yet comfortable. These bottoms are highly preferable by women who love wearing bikinis.

Hips Don’t Lie

Most women tend to focus on their bodies rather than their swimsuits. You do not have to wait for a bikini body to flaunt a bikini, wear one and strut with confidence. You cannot go wrong with a bikini when you choose one that suits your body type. Do not miss the chance to wear sexy bikinis at every beach or poolside.

Choose cheeky bottoms with medium coverage if you like your bikinis sexy yet comfortable. Now that you know that bikini bottoms can make your booty bigger, choose your bikinis wisely for the next summer. Happy tanning!

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