Beware of Fraudulent While Consulting with An Astrologer 

We are living in an era where our lifestyles are heavily impacted by our marriage-life, job, and work-culture, relationship with friends, and our status in public. There are so many variables that decide our prosperity and happiness that we are entitled to get. And whether you believe it or not, luck and destiny play a major role in shaping your trajectory. Because no matter how hard you try, how honestly you try, sometimes because of these two factors (luck and destiny), you may not receive the right fruits for your hardships. Astrologers guide you and suggest what possibly is wrong with your Stars and Plantes in the Kundli, and how you can fix it. 

But when you are in such a situation where you completely rely on someone to guide you to solve a problem, you should beware of vultures and opportunists who try to encash your problem. These days many of the pseudo-astrologers thrive to loot you by giving you fake advice and stones. These things not only fail to solve your problem but may also leave behind a much more negative impact which worsens the situation. 

In this article, we will try to make you aware of the checkpoints that can help you avoid and dodge such fraud activities and astrologers. You can also find famous astrologers in varanasi and the best astrologer in lucknow from our website. So without wasting any further time let us start discussing 5 points you can check about an astrologer to know if they are cheating you. 

1. Astrology is a math-based branch of Science and spirits don’t drive it 

Many of the astrologers claim to talk to spirits and follow their intuitions to deliver you horoscopes. You need to understand that astrology, like any other branch of Science, follows a set of equations and is not driven by any mystic powers. So someone if claims to talk to spirits and try to predict your future, you possibly should step back. 

2. Deliver readings and solutions in a short span of time 

Astrology takes a sufficient amount to make calculations, readings, and analyses before making any predictions or suggestions. So if someone readily generates an observation or solution, you should be skeptical about their readings. 

3. Never let astrologers toy with your emotions 

You should not share all past experiences and start doubting every experience while consulting with an astrologer. There are chances that they start encashing your fears. So tell them precisely what they need to know and be confident, no matter how much the situation worsens, God will help you come out of it.

4. Computer-generated Kundlis and Horoscopes don’t work 

Every person and their situation is unique, so a computer-generated Kundali might not be of any use, as they are generated by repetitive formulas that are trash. Instead, try to consult with an experienced pandit who can prepare it for you. 

5. Don’t fall for the obvious indications made by an astrologer 

People in a situation of hurry and fear become overwhelmed and start trusting the fake astrologers who make guesses about their lives, which are very obvious. For example, no matter how good a position you hold in your office you’d always be troubled with your seniors and colleagues, this is very natural, but they would frame it to you like it is a very big problem and they got to know it without you actually telling it to them. So remember, don’t fear something too obvious.

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