Best Ways to Express your appreciation to your Employees

What if I tell you that there is a secret technique to boost your employees’ productivity and reduce their turnover rate? If you think we’re talking about some unique employee training program, you made a wrong guess. That secret weapon lies in “appreciation.” 

Recent research on employees showed that 50% of the employees would not look for new jobs they were well recognized at the current workplace. Another study reveals that around 40% of the employees would not make any extra efforts to get the job done quickly or better if they don’t feel tangibly recognized at the workplace. That shows how crucial it is to show appreciation to your employees. But how can you express your appreciation to your employees? Well, here are some of the best ways to do that. 

1. Present them Appreciation Gift Baskets:

One of the best ways to acknowledge your employees’ hard work and appreciate them is by giving them personalized gifts. For that, you send them gift baskets. It would light up their day as the gift baskets are loved by everyone, which makes them a perfect appreciation gift for employees. If you’re looking for a Gift Basket for Employees, visit now. This site has an amazing collection of Gift baskets. 

2. Wish them on birthdays and anniversaries:

Keep track of your employees’ birthdays and send them a gift basket on their birthday or anniversary. Also, you can get him a cake and do a little department celebration at lunchtime. These small gestures contribute a lot to the well-being of your employees. They would feel respected and cared for, which directly boosts their productivity. 

3. Thank you cards:

Thanking employees for their work is also a good way to express your appreciation to them. You can also send paper cards or use digital cards by using any online card generator tools. 

4. Wall of fame:

Wall of fame seems like an old-school approach, but it still works. All you need to do is find an empty wall in your office and make it a wall of fame. Put the pictures of good performing employees and make sure it’s visible to everyone. It’s a good way to express appreciation to your employees. 

5. Through a staff party:

Little partying doesn’t hurt anyone. It refreshes the mind and brings back the positive energy in people who are regularly working. You can organize a little party somewhere on the weekend or on a weekday after 5 o’clock. Celebrate without any special occasion but to express your appreciation for them.

6. Get them mentorship session:

Being humans, we like to have continuous reminders and support. If not provided, we can lose productivity and positivity from our lives. Mentoring can be an amazing activity for the employees. It is one of the ways to express your trust and appreciation towards your employees. Just hire any good mentor to give your employee a quick boost in productivity. 

7. Assist them Taxes:

Taxes are complicated, and not many employees have good tax knowledge. You can simply ask your company’s accountant to find a way to provide your employees’ tax benefits. They would love this gesture. 

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8. Flexible Scheduling:

Flexible scheduling is the most desirable gift for the employees. It helps them to create a good work-life balance. So, if you want to express your trust and appreciation for the employees, offer them flexible scheduling. You’ll notice a quick boost in their productivity as well.  

Bottom line:

Employee appreciation is not something extra but a must practice in every organization. As these employees are the company’s real assets, treating them better would benefit the organization directly in the long term. So, try to use every opportunity to express your appreciation to your employees by using the mentioned ideas. 

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