Best Trends in Educational Technology That Will Define 2021

Globally, education technology has the potential to enhance learning outcomes for hundreds of millions of children and adults. But what are the Top 8 Current Educational Technology Trends In 2021? And what’s in store for the future? For dissertation help service contact us at dissertation sky


Because of the quick growth of COVID-19 and school closures, distance learning became the #1 2020 educational technology trend overnight. eLearning refers to education or training that is given online. It might be slide-based online exercises or an online course such as a counseling course that assists a firm in training staff in vital abilities.

eLearning is a method of delivering instructional information to learners via computers, laptops, tablets, or cellphones. 

Video-Assisted Instruction

Video-assisted learning has grown in popularity as a classroom presentation in recent years. The “video day” is no longer a television being pushed into a classroom on a trolley. 

This tendency is also thriving in distant learning settings, where students learn via computer displays. Ones, particularly animated videos, may greatly enhance lectures and make information more understandable. It increases student results while decreasing teacher effort.

Technology-Based on Blockchain

Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provides several benefits to education, particularly data storage. Every time new data is added, another “block” is added to the system, hence storage is technically infinite. The data will be encrypted and dispersed across various machines in the system at the same time. It decentralises and transparently transacts data.

Blockchain technology is used to validate skills and knowledge in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and ePortfolios. DLT technologies will provide solutions to eLearning agencies’ authentication, scale, and pricing issues. Furthermore, it can assist student applicants in publicising their successes during the job-searching process. buy MBA dissertation at dissertation sky

Big Data Will Grow Even Larger

To meet the requirements of learners, the learning experience must be individualised. Instructional Designers have access to important information regarding learners’ experiences, allowing them to design and offer the course in an appropriate way. You should search for information such as the course content, learner enrollment, learner performance (duration per course, completion, test result), and learner feedback (rating, survey).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) (AI)

AI is the “in thing” in the US EdTech business right now. People estimate that by 2021, AI will be the dominant trend, growing by more than 45 per cent. So, why is the trend exploding in one of the world’s major EdTech markets? First and foremost, AI can automate basic educational operations such as gradings As a result, computerised grading of student writing could not be far behind.

Analytics for Learning

The present environment of learning analytics has grown tremendously, particularly in higher education. Learning analytics enables instructors to assess and report on student learning using just the internet. As a result, they will be able to better comprehend and maximise learning.

Teachers can increase their students’ knowledge and skill development by reading insights from their students’ learning processes. Teachers, for example, may identify what sort of content (text, photos, infographics, or videos) students prefer and utilise it more frequently in subsequent lectures. Furthermore, teachers can identify which elements of information were not properly taught and improve them for the next time.

Furthermore, learning analytics assists instructors in identifying groups of kids who may be experiencing academic or behavioural difficulties. As a result, teachers may be able to devise a method to assist kids in reaching their maximum potential.

Tutflix is an ideal stage for everyone. It is an ideal response for understudies since they can watch the workshops on Tutflix, and it is also an amazing instrument for adults who need to find some new data


If you want to make studying more enjoyable and engaging, gamification is the most appropriate educational technology trend. There is no reason why kids should not participate actively in classroom games. Students may study and practise while participating in fun gaming activities. Gaming aspects contribute to the creation of an enjoyable and positive learning environment for students.

Gamification is most widely used in the K-12 education sector. It’s because children are rapidly engrossed in gaming videos or competing for greater scores in games. However, this does not mean that enjoyable components aren’t necessary for higher education or business training to increase student engagement.

VR and AR Immersive Learning

Since the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to education, the classroom learning experience has changed dramatically. The increased need for experiential learning propels the advancement of learning using VR and AR.

Learning has become far more participatory than in the past. While VR creates a fabricated world, AR delivers an improved perspective of a genuine image. As a result, they can help pupils understand difficult ideas that basic graphics or even hands-on experiences in a lab cannot. When attending a medical training course, for example, VR can be really beneficial. In particular, virtual reality allows trainees to practice real-world surgery in a low-risk environment. Write my dissertation at dissertation sky.

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