Best Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online

Internet is the most surveillance tool used by millions of people in the world. However, there is a threat regarding the security that is affecting those who use the internet. The hackers on the internet are intelligent people who developed sacking skills every now and then. In this article you will get some tips to protect your privacy online. Whether you are seeking best essay help writing online, you need privacy. The following are some of the tips to protect your privacy online:

Always use HTTPS links.

Many URL links nowadays are sent to social media platforms without HTTPS. A URL without HTTPS is a risk to the online user because hackers will invade your data privacy easily. Whenever you see such links, you need to be cautious and do not open them. HTTPS prevents hackers from interfering with the users and the site itself.

Use firewall

Installing a firewall in your network area is crucial in protecting your privacy online. Hackers intrude on IP addresses such as 192.168.l.l to check whether they can intrude into the system and take the information.

However, you can overcome this by ensuring that your router in your home network can mitigate with a built-in firewall. This router protects you by assigning a unique IP address not visible to any other network.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi.

Who is not impressed with free Wi-Fi? People love using public Wi-Fi without being cautious when accessing their accounts.

Public Wi-Fi is always unsafe, and accessing your accounts, for example, banks, means that someone else using the same network can seize the data you are producing online. The hackers will track your bank, email, and social media account passwords easily. Also, make sure to use only the best UK essay writing services if you want to deal only with reliable sites.

Use incognito browsing

Some online browsers give you an option to browse privately. Ensure you utilize these browsers because they ensure that whatever you are doing is encrypted. Use these browsers; no one will track you easily. They also lack adverts which are always a nuisance to internet users.

Remember to log out from your mobile device.

Mobile devices are logged in to your accounts unless you log them out. Logging in to your social media account, for instance, Facebook, and not logging out invites hackers to track and see your activities. Remember hackers, hack social media accounts to look for the things you are doing for advertisement purposes. Therefore, you should always ensure that you log out.

Your GPS should be off.

Turning off your GPS is another method to stay protected online. If your GPS is on, then you are likely to fi yourself tagging photos with locations. You may be doing it for fun and memories, but at the same time, you might be leaving crucial information to hackers. You might b allowing people to track where you go, where you are, and what you do.

Other tips to stay protected online include:

  • Making your passwords should be fool-proof
  • Use VPN to protect your privacy online
  • Regulate Cookies if not accepting them
  • Do not use the autofill option


Every person using online has some reasons to prevent others from accessing their activities online. Therefore, there is a need to protect your privacy online by using the above tips.

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