Best Tips On How to Become a Great Freelance Essay Writer

Turning to the freelance type of cooperation, worldwide writers win the most. Some of them try themselves in new genres, and others master their skills in a familiar niche. There are many orders on such demands as scripts for voice-over narrations, advertising blog posts in social media, and articles for news portals. Still, the academic texts are on highest demands among customers. 

Many students turn to freelance essay writing services to enrich their writing skills and expand their knowledge on any topic. For example, at the WriteMyEssayOnline review page, you can get acquainted with how valuable it is to help students with their educational texts. And at our article, we’ll teach you some tips you should consider starting as a freelance essay writer. 

1. Be universal.

Being a writer means permanent self-development. Even if you’ve got a philological degree, it is not an obstacle. Try to pass courses on various subjects. For example, you can visit such educational platforms as Coursera, Udemy, or Khan Academy, where you can find free courses both on exact sciences and humanities. Having several degrees will help you take many orders from various studying fields and stay confident even in a narrow topic you’re working on. 

2. Always advance your writing skills.

When you are already on your orders, you need to improve your writings all the time. Remember that not the quantity of the orders but their quality defines your price as a writer. Therefore, pass special courses on various types of writing. Even if concentrating on an academic writing style is essential to write great essay samples, you should also try yourself in other genres. It will help you to avoid overwork and professional burnout.

3. Track your grammar issues

It is not a secret that even advanced writers make grammatical mistakes in their orders. Consequently, before sending your project for approval, check it several times for corrections. It is good to ask your friend to read your ready essays for the first time to have an outside opinion. You can also check your grammar at such online checkers as Grammarly or Hemingway app, but it is always better to have a sense of your text and make improvements independently. Check out grammarly review for more information.

4. Follow formatting guidelines.

There are several common formatting styles required more often than others. These styles are APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard. It is unnecessary to remember every formatting rule, but you need to know the main characteristics and differences between them. Moreover, you can always look at updated guidelines online to insert in-text citations and format a list of cited sources properly. 

5. Edit attentively.

Pay the closest attention to each part of the essay you prepare. Have a closer look at sentence clearance and perspicuity. When you feel there are some flawed parts, consider cutting them. Also, you can rephrase overwhelmed thoughts and simplify the explanation of hard-to-get definitions. It will help your potential customer to understand their subject better. With wise editing, you can gain high scores and payments in freelance essay writing. 

6. Promote your service.

Creating a profile at such platforms as Upwork, Fiverr, and WriterAccess is vital for every freelance writer. Make connections with writers from other niches such as copywriting, creative writing, and content writing to understand customers’ requirements and set a price for your job. Depict in your profile your finished degrees, writing experience, and put some samples of your works. If possible, use paid service to promote your account or do it yourself on social media. Also, you can create your own website. 

7. Always ask for honest feedback.

Especially when you are a beginner in writing custom essays, you need to ask for some extra pair of eyes for reading your texts. If it is a job, you almost don’t have a place for mistakes, so it is better to get a response as soon as possible to start your writing career successfully. Also, don’t negotiate for customer’s feedback on your texts so ask them for testimonials to improve your writings and use them as a benefit in your further orders. 


Freelancing is an excellent opportunity for writers to try their skills in various genres. We hope these seven tips will bring you enough luck in your writing career. Still, you’ll become confident writing only while practicing a lot. So, last but not least, we are giving you an eighth tip: start helping students no matter what and master your academic style until perfection!  

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