Best Sites for downloading and streaming movies for free

Are you tired of your daily life, that normal routine, wakeup and hustling in life? You are looking for an escape, movies are your answer.

Movies are an ideal source of entertainment from ages and still the magic has not faded. A source to turn your day into a cheerful one. Movies are not only a source of entertainment but also a way to unite the people of different caste, colour and creed. A perfect joy buster which you can watch with your family, friends or loved ones. Movies are the way to take you to your dream world.

Movies are the source for people to make their dreams come true. They offer us a diverse range like drama, horror, comedy, action, romance etc. However, with time movies are also changing. They are not limited to these fields, only they are going out of scope by giving a message to society and being an eye opener for people regarding the injustice happening in the world.

However, if you are missing this entertainment as you don’t have bugs to go to PVR or to subscribe to OTT platforms, let me solve your problem by providing a bunch of options from where you can watch movies for free, easily while sitting at your home comfortably or anywhere you want, though some sites are illegal.

Here is a list of free movie sites:

  • Uwatchfree

It is a very famous site where you can watch movies of high quality on it without ads, it is a completely ad free site. The range of movies is Tamil, English movies, Hindi movies etc. Uwatchfree is an illegal site. One can watch their favourite at any hour at any place. It has various tv shows and documentaries also in HD format.

  • Popcornflix

This site provides you a movie for free with a wide list of options like Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Bhojpuri. It even has some Pakistani movies and series which are available in various languages. One can download movies easily from this site, just by going on the website and tapping on the given link. Though it is an illegal website as it uses pirated content, which is banned by the Indian government.

  • Jio Rockers Tamil

This site has already set up a target base of a fixed audience that is the Tamil people. Movies are displayed in Telugu language. This website contains Telugu shows, series and movies. It also has English and Hindi movies and one needs to have a google account to get access the Jio Rockers Tamil website. Movies are available in three languages apart from Telegu that is Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. But keep in mind that it is an illegal movie site.

  • Movies Joy

Using this site is quite easy but this site is a mystery in itself as it’s quite a tricky site. As it offers copyright content but not pirated content

as it takes movies from some other sites and displays them over on their site. It has a wide list of movies on it of different like thriller, romance, horror etc. Also, it has different quality options like hd, ultra-HD etc. However, the legality of this site is quite complicated, and it varies from country to country as most countries also prohibit showcasing of pirated content.

  • Movievilla

It is not only restricted to movies, but it has wide varieties like tv series or web shows. The downloading process is simple and the downloads can be saved for later. Also, the alluring part is that it has a mobile app if you are facing some issue in the site you can download it is cost and virus free and easily accessible. Movies are available in high quality and take very little space on your phone. Movies are dubbed in various languages. You can watch your movie in your language too with the subtitles. Also trending movies are available on it easily unlike other sites.


These were some famous sites however most of them are illegal, as they are banned by the government of India as they use pirated content. So, it’s completely your call to whether use this site or not however it is highly suggested to opt for legal ways.

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