Best Shopify SEO Tips To Increase Your Sales

Shopify is a favorite eCommerce platform for many online retailers from all around the world. It’s highly flexible and easy to use. Additionally, it has many impressive built-in features and doesn’t require coding skills.

Shopify development is quite an easy task if you get enough traffic. This is when you need to use Shopify SEO tactics to drive more traffic. Here are the best tricks for SEO optimization.

How to Improve Shopify SEO

1. Create a Site Hierarchy

Easy site navigation is one of the defining factors of good SEO. Google won’t rank you higher if your users can’t move quickly from one page to another. Additionally, websites with a good hierarchy are more engaging and have lower bounce rates. Navigating through your website should be simple, almost on an intuitive level.

So when creating your website, try to keep the hierarchy right. Correct categories and subcategories that connect back and forth. This will give context to your pages and make it easier for Google to differentiate between them.

2. Get Rid of Duplicate Content

Content that entirely matches the copy of another web page is called duplicate content. It can match with your own site content or someone else’s. 

Managing duplicate content in the Shopify platform is much harder, but it’s vital for your website. Though internal duplication is easier to pass through search engines, external duplication can cause a disaster. This is because Google ranks unique content quite seriously, and you can even get a penalty for copying other content. Fortunately, if you find duplicate content and fix it, you’ll improve your SEO optimization and rank higher in search results. Don’t hesitate to hire a remote assistant who will always keep an eye on this, so you will lower your chances of getting penalties.

3. Perform Data-Driven Keyword Research

You can’t succeed without conducting deep keyword research. Keyword research allows driving not just random but targeted and potential clients. You don’t have to be an expert to find and use them wisely.

There are some practices for choosing your keywords:

  • Use Google’s autofill captions
  • Perform competitor research
  • Check the “People Also Ask” boxes on Google
  • Run those words through a keyword research tool to find those with better performance

4. Start Blogging

A shop with low visibility is like a shop with closed curtains – it won’t get any visitors. eCommerce platforms suffer from this the most because they tend not to take blogging seriously. However, writing insightful content is an easy way to drive more traffic. 

Keep in mind that you can’t just write about everything. Instead, try to create content around the main keywords you’ve chosen to target. This way, you’ll not only increase your traffic but will attract mostly potential clients. 

Final Thoughts

Shopify has some excellent SEO features built into the platform. SEO is essential for driving organic traffic to your store and reaching a larger audience. The goal of optimizing your Shopify store for search is to drive a large amount of traffic to it and convert them to leads. The tips mentioned above should significantly improve the performance of your Shopify store in search results. Just follow them, and you’ll notice the results in no time!

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