Best Live Casino Games to Play

Nothing quite beats that feeling you get when you step into the casino: that attractive musk of malaise in the air, the overwhelming loud noise of coins clattering into the slot trays, the excitement for bettors alike who could be winning thousands around you.

The live casino may be slightly different and might not, to you, emit those exact feelings. But we do not blame the live casino for it is not their fault that they cannot emulate that, because they are not trying to.

Live casinos are there to be played at the ease and comfort of your own home, on the move, or when with friends – visit Therefore, as hard as the live casino tries to emulate the real deal, they will always be lacking. Where the live casino does not lack, though, is in their casino games!

What are the most popular Live Casino Games?

From the real casino to online sites, to the live casino, a higher roller like you knows where will bring you the big bucks and what games will leave you in the gutter. But if you are in the school of small fry who are just starting out their live casino career, we have listed for you the comprehensive list of the best live casino games that you need to play!

Check out our top live casino games to be on your way to winning the jackpot!

  1.     Poker – An all-time favourite not only in the casino (and in the live casino!) but also among friends. If you want to outsmart your opponents with wit and skill then poker is the game for you. The live casino emulates poker so well that you might as well be in the club!
  2.     Blackjack – It is the age-old question again; do you stick or twist on you 9 and an ace? Blackjack is one of our favourite live casino games because of its easiness to pick up and because of its lucky skill elements. Can you beat the dealer?
  3.     Roulette – If you are sick of the slots then maybe it is time for you to try your luck on the live roulette tables. All the flashing lights and spinning wheels are enough excitement to keep you buzzing till next Tuesday! The JackpotCity is the number one online casino site in the world of all time.

These are simply our top three live casino games, of course, you may be partial to a spot of craps, or live slots, but if you are looking for the top thrills then certainly check out these games.

What is Better: Live Casino or Casino Sites?

If you are still stuck on deciding between a virtual casino or just visiting the computer games then check out our guide on the pros of both:

Pros of Live Casino Pros of Casino Sites
Play against a real dealer Quicker to access
Join in with friends Play against a computer algorithm
More immersive Do not need opponents
More like the real casino Not as realistic
Make friends with your opponents Solo play


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