Best link building practices to include in your SEO strategy

The Internet is filled with high-quality content and reliable businesses that no one has heard of because they don’t have any backlinks pointing to them. In fact, according to one estimate, up to 94% of all the content on the Web has zero external links. And that’s a pity because, according to Google themselves, backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors. They’re also one of the trickiest to get right because Inet Ventures SEO experts said that they’re the most challenging part of search engine optimization.

Here are five essential tactics that should be included in every link building strategy:  

Focus on quality, not quantity 

According to the experts at Seeders, quality should always come first when building backlinks. In order for link building to work, the websites that link back to your site must be reliable and high-authority. Unlike in the past, when random links on online directories did the trick, now you need to be much more selective. It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of links pointing back to your site; if they come from shady blogs with a high spam score, you won’t get any sustainable results. On the contrary, you might even get a penalty.   

Only pick guest sites that are relevant to your niche. 

Getting links for high-authority websites is great, but there’s a catch: the links must be relevant to your niche. For example, if you have a local business that offers plumbing services, it would be logical for home and family websites to link to it; a link from a tech blog would look suspicious, and this might hurt the overall health of your backlink profile. So, when doing blogger outreach, try to stay within your niche as much as possible. 

Choose your anchor texts strategically. 

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is focusing too much on introducing main keywords in the anchor texts. While using them from time to time is not a bad idea, overall, your anchors should be as varied as possible. You should include your main keyword, but you should also have branded and natural anchor texts so that the links look as natural as possible. Choosing the best combination of anchor texts can be tricky, so ask professionals when in doubt, such as this link building United Kingdom agency. 

Reclaim old links

One way of ensuring a constant stream of links is to keep on building them. But what about the links that you built in the past and were removed because the author updated the website? In this case, you may want to approach the author of the original writer to find out if they can add it again, or if they have room for it in another article – provided that the guest site is still relevant and reliable, of course. 

Don’t neglect links from community websites. 

Although they’re often neglected because their links are nofollow, community websites like Quora and Reddit still matter for link building because they diversify your profile. Plus, more people will get to read content about your business!

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