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Best Juicers in India Buyer's Guide

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Buying a juicer can be a tricky task. As there are too many factors to consider. And if you are a first time buyer, you are definitely going to miss out on things.

Hence, to help you out, I am going to list out some important points that you should keep in mind while buying a juicer.

So let’s get into the topic right away:

Best Juicers in India Buyer's Guide


Another thing that you need to look for is material. The juicer should be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure and grind. Also, the juicer should be powerful enough to produce a good amount of juice.

Along with that, it should be made out of non-toxic materials. Also, the plastic parts of the juicer should be sturdy enough to protect themselves against accidental bumps and drops.


You also need to choose a juice that fits your needs. If you drink one glass of juice per day, then there is no need to buy a juicer with one liter capacity. But if you live with your family who drinks a glass of juice as well, then getting a bigger capacity juicer will be an ideal choice.

Easy To Clean

Juicing is a pretty simple task. But when it comes to the cleaning part, you would surely want something that is less hard to handle. You want a juicer that has fewer parts. This would make the cleaning job easy for you. 

In case there are more spots than you are going to spend more time cleaning. Also, a juicer with a few moving parts is much easier to clean. 

Should Have Multiple Speed Options

The juicer should also have multiple speed modes. This will help you to get full control over the juicing process. Also, you can stop the juicing in between if you feel a need. Also, you can add more ingredients.

Also, with soft ingredients, you should use a slow speed. And for hard ingredients, you should select high speed setting.

But in case, if the juicer doesnt have any speed settings. You will have to grind all types of ingredients the same way.

Pulp Ejection System Is Preferable

You can also try buying a juicer that comes with a pulp injection system. This system moves the pulp into a separate container. As a result, cleaning the juicer would be much easier.

Noise Factor

Lastly, there is the noise factor that you should definitely consider. If you live with elderly people or in a flat where you don’t want to disturb anyone. This is surely a consideration to have in your mind. However, in this case, the slow juicer is a clear winner. As they do not make much noise.

Final Words:

So those were a few tips that you should consider while buying a juicer. There are way too many juicers available in the market. However, you should go with something that meets your requirements. So before you start looking for a juicer, make sure you have a list of things that you want. This will help you to narrow down your search.

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