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Best Bedroom Storage Solutions | Top 7 Bedroom Storage Tips to Save Space

Me and my better half-lives together, and we have lots of, I literally mean, lots of stuff that wardrobes can’t even store them all, and we have limited space too. So, we were having trouble storing our stuff. But, after thinking a lot, we came up with some great solutions that helped us a lot and saved a good amount of space. That’s why I am sharing those ideas with you guys so you can apply them and solve your bedroom’s storage problems as well.

7 Tips for Small Bedroom Storage Solutions

Follow these tips and solve your bedroom’s storage problem:

1. Install Shelves below Your Celling

The Most useful idea that you can come up with to save your bedroom’s space is to install shaves under your celling, not too below. The measurement could be 12 inches below your ceiling. That won’t mess with the view, and still, you will be able to store plenty of your stuff on the shelves with ease.

2. Use Binder Clips

Have you ever pay a little attention to your phone chargers and cables. Well, if you did, you may find they occupy quite a space; it doesn’t seem, but they do. To solve this problem, because you are desperately trying to save space, you may use the binder clips. Those clips may seem small, but they are useful and will help to organize your cables in one place.

3. Use Cloth Rack

Let me tell you my problem: I have lots of clothes since my better half loves to buy me clothes. Whenever she goes shopping, she buys for me. Well, the problem with that I have lots of clothes and little space for storing them. Now, what I did is to bring some clothes to rack and settle them on the corner and store all my clothes. It saved my bedroom’s space and took care of the cloth problem too.

4. Crown Molding Can Be a Great Shoe Rack

Like I told you before, my better half loves shopping so much, and for her, this addiction, she has more than enough shoes that we are facing trouble storing. So, what we did is to use crown molding for storing that stuff, and trust me, it all went great. That’s because shoes got the support of themselves with the wall, and it didn’t take that much space at all.

5. Use Bedroom Door’s Back to Hang Laundry Hamper

A few days ago, I visited a close friend of mine. We were talking in his bedroom, and I noticed that he had no concern about his dirty laundry hamper, and besides, it looked very filthy to me. And, he was having a problem with little space. So, I told him to hang the laundry hamper to the back of the door. Well, it solved his space problem.

6. Replace Your Shelf with Radiator

If you have a problem with shelves, you can go for the radiator. You will be able to store lots of things on that if you organize them properly and on top of that if you choose the right one for you. Take my advice buy a compact and get the chance to have extra space for storage.

7 Try the Wall to Store Yoga Mat

The most common way to store a yoga mat is by rolling it, which makes it a cylinder. Still, it occupies a lot of space while storing. That’s why I always choose the wall to store the yoga mat. I built a little shelf for that and stored that mat without any trouble, and it saves a lot of my room’s space.


I wrote this article from my experience and point of view, and I hope it will help you with your storage problem. However, if you have any other great ideas, share them with me in the comment.


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