Best Animation movies to enjoy with your little one in this quarantine

Quarantine is getting tough on our nerves for more than a year now. We all are trying to find new ways of spending time and have a little fun during the process. As this virus is probing us to stay inside the home and maintain social distancing rules, there are not many entertainment sectors options. Movies and TV shows are some of the best ways to spend time and learn a few new things. Online streaming accounts like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Zee 5 offer amazing shows and movies to enjoy your quarantine with family. Animation movies are the best option to choose among the categories when deciding to spend some time with the little one of the family. Here is a list of the movies that you might put in the basket to watch.

Animation movies

Animation movies are mainly a branch of motion picture stream. Here, the artists develop characters similar to our old cartoons. These characters are way more expressive and well-built to interact more with the audience and the other characters. Animation movies came into the theatres back in the early Millenials. Soon after coming to the market, most of the people did not take it warmly. Like the appearance, most people believed that animation is nothing but cartoons and those movies are only for the kids. This popular myth broke down with the release of some all-time blockbuster animation movies, which proved that animation is an independent genre that has enough potential to satisfy the younger and older generation. Let us get to know about some movies that made history in the animation industry.

Famous animation movies

Animation movies are now at the top of the wish list in IMDB. IMDB is the certified website where people express their thought about a movie or script worldwide. So, it is a reliable source of information about movies.


Frozen broke all the records in the animation Industry. Disney and Pixar studio collaboration is always great. These two studios are mainly acting as the torch-bearer in the animation industry. Hundreds of legendary stories came into life with Disney motion pictures and their brilliant screenplay writers. But, frozen was something extraordinary. Women-centric movies are not very common in Hollywood, let alone in animation movies. Frozen is the first movie featuring women as a queen of Arandale. The story revolves around two sisters Elsa and Anna. The way family protects you in every situation is a worth watch with these two incredible sisters.

Big hero 6

It is another slap in the face of those people who claim that animation is only for kids. Tadashi Hamada is a young scientist who is working with microbots. You will get the taste of thrilling science fiction with him throughout the journey. But, the most touching thing about the film is the inner thought of the hero. The ways friendship covers your back and helps you grow as a benevolent person can learn from the big hero six teams.

Anime genre

Same as the animation sector, most people used to think that anime is for kids. Some people think anime and animation are the same. But, indeed, these two are very different and distinct streams. The best anime movies are the adaptation of manga stories. Manga is mainly a Japanese story form. Here You can compare manga with comics. These anime movies are now getting in trend. Indeed, you can enjoy a great time with your friends and family watching animes like Naruto or Attack on Titan. These animes are available in several streaming websites.

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