Bernhard Burgener – Therapy & Exercise Cures Depression

Anxiety and depression are some of the most common and dangerous causes of death under non-communicable diseases. But, it is not incurable at all. Nowadays, there is therapy, help, and medical intervention to fight depression effectively. Here in this article, we will know some effective methods of fighting depression.


The first thing experts recommend when someone feels depression or anxiety is to get help. An expert can reach out to the darkest corner of the patient’s mind to organize his thoughts positively. Burgener Bernhard and such organizations are doing a great job helping people fight mental diseases and disorders these days.

Why is therapy necessary?

Clinical psychotherapy is a combination of behavioral therapy and medical intervention as well. Our depression can be due to organic causes like dopamine deficiency, metabolic ketoacidosis, and such. Here, only meditation or behavioral therapy does not work well. So, cognitive behavioural therapy from certified organizations like greatlakesneurofeedback can be beneficial.


Fitness and exercise are essential to improve both physical and mental health. People have been using it for decades to fight a sobbing mood or some nutritional diseases. But, now we know that exercise has solid scientific backing in curing depression and anxiety in a chronic condition. Would you please scroll below to get a brief discussion on the pathophysiology of how exercise cures depression?


Exercise stimulates our brain ion channels to excrete more endogenous endorphins and cannabis-like substances. Endorphins directly promote euphoria and reduce any pain sensation in the body. It can also prevent serotonin reuptake and increase dopamine secretion. So, exercise promotes positive thinking and better mental health by directly intervening in the brain stem, and it improves metabolic conditions in the body.

Exercise improving physical health

Exercise is the first lifestyle modification step to prevent any metabolic disease. Diabetes Mellitus is an excellent example of it. Usually, patients with chronic and uncontrollable diabetes Malietus have to take injectable insulin for years. Exercise can bypass this process very quickly.

How does it happen?

Exercise opens the secondary glucose ion transport system in our body without any intervention from insulin. So, the excess sugar can quickly enter the cells and reduce through some chemical oxidation and reduction process. It will also rest the exhausted pancreas and improve insulin sensitivity to prevent resistance in the future.

Where to get therapy?

If you want to take clinical psychotherapy, then it is always best to go to professionals. When you are vulnerable, even a tiny step can make or break your mind—Burgener Bernhard and such organizations are great and authentic for mental therapy. Nowadays, Burgener Bernhard also has an online website to provide consultancy.

How to book an appointment?

Burgener Bernhards is open every day from Monday to Friday. But, you have to make an appointment before the season as there is no option for open consultation here. If you want to talk with your therapist alone and explain your situation, booking a solo session will help. But, if you are on a budget or feel good about the company, then a group session will be beneficial.

Post covid stress therapy

Covid has a very detrimental effect on the brain and psychology in the long term. Patients are arriving with post covid psychosis, neurosis, hallucinations, and such mental conditions. A practical psychotherapy session, active lifestyle, exercise, and lifestyle modification can save the patients on time. Burgener Bernhard is helping patients to fight post covid anxiety, depression, and mental issues very effectively.


Whenever you feel stress or anxiety, all you have to believe is there is help. Many effective practice centers are working with mental health these days.

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