Benefits Of Purchasing Shipment Insurance For Your Goods

International shipping insurance is an important consideration for e-commerce business owners engaged in global trade. It provides protection against the potential risks and uncertainties associated with shipping products internationally.

Shipping insurance policies can protect both businesses and their customers against loss, theft, or damage during transit.

Shipping insurance safeguards against financial losses, and provides peace of mind for both sellers and buyers in the shipping process. It’s an investment to mitigate risks and ensure the safe and secure delivery of goods from the sender to the recipient.

The cost of international shipping insurance depends on the amount and type of coverage you wish to purchase. The most basic type of shipping insurance policy is fairly straightforward and can be applied to most shipments. Basic policies typically cover packages against loss, theft, or damage in transit.

Fortunately for e-commerce businesses, shipping insurance costs can be drastically reduced by purchasing policies in bulk or using a third-party shipping insurance provider.

Types of international shipping insurance

There are several types of international shipping insurance available to ecommerce businesses in the shipping process. Here are some of the most common types of shipping insurance:

  • All Risk Coverage: This type of policy protects your cargo from all potential catastrophes, but within reason. It does not cover every possible scenario, but it is the most comprehensive type of shipping insurance available.
  • Named Perils Coverage: This type of policy provides coverage only for the items listed on your property form. It is less comprehensive than All Risks coverage, but it is also less expensive.
  • Total Loss Only Coverage: This policy applies when an entire vessel and cargo are lost. This is a specialized type of policy that is not commonly used.
  • Single Loss Coverage: This policy provides coverage for a single shipment. It is ideal for companies that do not ship frequently.
  • Open coverage: This policy covers multiple shipments over a period of time. It is ideal for companies that ship frequently.

Why you need international shipping insurance

International shipping insurance is an essential investment for e-commerce business owners engaged in global trade. It provides financial protection against various risks, allowing businesses to navigate the complexities of international shipping with greater confidence.

Here are the key benefits:

Financial Protection:

The primary benefit of shipping insurance is financial protection. It protects your company from the financial impact of lost or damaged goods in transit. Without insurance, you may be responsible for the entire cost of replacing or refunding the affected products.

Risk mitigation:

International shipping carries a variety of risks, including accidents, theft, and natural disasters. Shipment insurance helps mitigate these risks by providing coverage for unforeseen events, allowing your company to recover the costs associated with shipping.

Covers Customary Delays:

Customs clearance can sometimes lead to delays, and in some cases, goods may be damaged during the customs process. Shipment insurance can provide coverage for losses incurred due to delays or issues related to customs procedures.

Flexibility in Coverage:

Shipment insurance allows business owners to tailor coverage to their specific needs. You can choose the level of coverage based on the value of your goods, the shipping route, and other factors, providing flexibility to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Enhanced Customer Trust:

Offering shipment insurance to your customers demonstrates transparency and a commitment to their satisfaction. Knowing that their purchases are protected during transit can enhance trust and confidence in your business, leading to positive customer experiences.

Compliance with Terms of Sale:

If you have agreed to specific terms of sale, such as Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) or Cost and Freight (CFR), purchasing shipment insurance is essential to fulfill these obligations. It ensures compliance with international trade terms and legal requirements.

Improved Negotiation Power:

Having shipment insurance in place can enhance your negotiation power with suppliers, carriers, and other stakeholders. It demonstrates that your business is proactive in managing risks and can lead to more favorable terms in contracts and agreements.

Faster Recovery from Losses:

In the unfortunate event of lost or damaged goods, having shipment insurance can expedite the recovery process. This allows your business to recover more quickly, minimizing disruptions to operations and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Competitive Advantage:

Offering shipment insurance as part of your business services can give you a competitive advantage in the market. It sets your business apart by providing an additional layer of protection and reliability that may be attractive to customers.

Peace of Mind:

Perhaps most importantly, shipment insurance provides peace of mind for business owners. Knowing that your goods are protected during transit allows you to focus on other aspects of your business without the constant worry of potential financial losses due to shipping incidents.

Purchasing shipment insurance is a strategic investment that goes beyond mere financial protection. It contributes to risk management, customer satisfaction, and overall business resilience in the dynamic landscape of international trade.


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