Benefits of Fast Braces vs. Traditional Braces

It will never be too late for you to have the beautiful smile you always dream of. Thanks to the never-ending innovation of humanity – braces have been discovered to bring back a man’s smile and confidence.

But with so many types of braces available for your teeth, it can be hard to know which to choose. You are about to learn the latest and up-to-date technology called fast braces on this read.

Having fast braces for your teeth is an efficient way of getting an attractive smile because, unlike traditional braces, fast braces simultaneously move both parts of your teeth which reduces the time required for the treatment.

But are fast braces the right choice for you? How does it really work? The details below are answers given by dentists that conduct fast braces in Melbourne, so read along to learn more.

How fast braces work

As an alternative to the square brackets of the traditional braces, Fast braces use triangular brackets to increase the gap between each mount.

The triangular shape makes the wire more flexible and, at the same time, correct the teeth’s root. In comparison with the traditional braces that take extra time to fix the crowns and roots, fast braces engage the entire structure of the teeth from the very beginning.

The unique design that straightens the roots and crowns from the beginning of the operation makes the patients complete the treatment in about nine months, compared to the two or more years in traditional braces.

Furthermore, fast braces can be used to correct gaps, crookedness, or misalignment of the teeth. If you have more questions about this matter, you may visit fast braces in Melbourne.

Benefits of fast braces

As mentioned above, fast braces are way better than traditional ones. By choosing fast braces for dental treatment, you may gain or experience the following beneficial pointers.


One of the very popular orthodontic benefits of having fast braces is their capability to be barely visible on your teeth. It also uses thin wire, making you feel less metal in your mouth.

Faster treatment time

The traditional braces straighten teeth by straightening the tooth’s crown and then moving the roots. While in fast braces, the crown and root are moved simultaneously, helping the mouth cut down treatment time.

The fast result may differ depending on the severity of your dental problem. You may get a quick three-month healing, but often complete treatment ends on the average of ten to twelve months compared to the two to three years in traditional braces.

Easier cleaning

Fast braces use smaller triangular brackets, fewer and smaller parts. As a result, these parts make it easier to move the toothbrush, floss, clean out plaque, debris, or dirt effectively.

Also, a patient with fast braces in Melbourne has less chance of using dental bands, making cleaning the teeth much easier.

Safer treatment

Because fast braces are shorter, they are safer because bacteria and plaque have less time to build up, resulting in a lesser risk of developing oral health concerns like gum disease.

Healthier teeth

Decalcification is something that people are afraid to have or experience. A buildup of plaque causes decalcification, which leads to cavities, discoloration, and tooth disease. But with fast braces, this does not happen because cleaning is so much easier.

Less (or no) stains

According to the Dentists offering Fastbraces in Melbourne, if trapped food particles, particularly dark-colored meals, are not removed soon, they might discolor your teeth. But it is, mentioned above, the fast braces use smaller brackets than the traditional ones, so removing dirt is much simpler.


With the smaller brackets, flexible wire, and no hassle for orthodontic bands, fast braces are so comfortable and smoother than traditional ones.

Fewer dental visits

Another great thing that Dentists doing fast braces in Melbourne says you will spend less time visiting the orthodontist office, which is excellent news, especially for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

While the traditional braces are required to be worn for twenty-two hours a day, fast braces are only needed to be worn from ten to fifteen minutes each day. But, you can still wear it overnight, if it is your personal preference.


Compared to traditional braces that usually take two to three years to complete, fast braces treatment can be completed quickly as twelve months. That being said, you will only need fewer dental appointments, which will save you a great amount of money in the long run. Lastly, in some cases, fast braces can also be cheaper to get than traditional braces.

This read has answered and given you an idea of how fast braces work and the right choice for you. Picking the proper treatment will still be according to your decision, but if you want to know more about fast braces, you may book an appointment with the dentists, experts in Fast braces in Melbourne.

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