Benefits of Dental Booking Software

Dental booking software is a great way to streamline your practice. Instead of spending countless hours setting up appointments, you can use the software to streamline the process and improve your patient experience. It helps you organize your schedule and frees up valuable staff time to focus on more important tasks. Here are some benefits of dental booking software:

Improves patient experience

A modernized patient experience can increase practice revenue. The use of technology to improve patient experience has a variety of benefits. This article was originally published in the official Florida Dental Association magazine, Today’s FDA. It highlights trends in the dental industry and delivers comprehensive software guides. Here are three of the most important features to look for in dental booking software. Aim to maximize the patient experience by making every interaction with your practice as convenient and easy as possible.

Comfort menus:

Offering a comfort menu to your patients can improve their dental experience. Patients can select what amenities they want and have them incorporated into their treatment. For example, you can offer free Wi-Fi, courtesy phone chargers, and standard beverages. Your patients can even request these services when booking, too. Moreover, you can offer office-wide amenities such as Wi-Fi and standard beverages for them.

Improves patient flow

A good booking system will integrate the automated appointment scheduling into an existing workflow, so no changes need to be made to the way you work. For example, the time it takes to fill out patient forms accounts for most of the time a patient spends in the waiting room. This time is a risk for the patient, especially in a post-pandemic world. A good booking system will also reduce this time, as more patients will be seen at a faster rate, which ultimately increases patient satisfaction.

Another benefit is that dental booking software frees up time spent on manual tasks. These applications can reduce employee stress and boost productivity by automating data transfer between dental staff members and patients. Patients today expect easy communication and online booking options. By using dental booking software, you can ensure that all patient information is easily accessible. With such advanced features, your patients will love you for it. With so many options, you can be a step ahead of your competition and start improving your practice’s patient flow today!

Helps you organize your schedule

Many dental practices are relying on walk-ins and phone appointments, but to keep up with the demand for more appointments, it’s essential to have an effective scheduling system. Dental booking software can help you expand your customer base by making it easy to schedule appointments online. By embedding this software on your website, you can take advantage of its various features, including the ability to set prices and collect fees upfront.

For example, dental booking software will automatically create custom appointment availability for every staff member. It will also help you organize your schedule by eliminating double bookings and other inefficiencies that result in wasted time and unproductive work. Using dental scheduling software will allow you to set appointment lengths that fit your practice’s needs and help you improve your work-life balance. With its flexible features, it can even help you schedule new appointments around personal commitments.

Improves patient communication

Patient communication is the foundation of any successful dental practice. While most practice management systems offer basic patient communication capabilities, Sesame takes this functionality to the next level by automating appointment reminders, allowing patients to select their preferred means of communication, and freeing up front desk staff to perform other tasks. In addition to providing automated appointment reminders, Sesame is also customizable, with options for different types of appointment types and multiple languages.

Patients can stay connected to their dentist with the Patient Connect module, a customized cloud-based portal. Patients can check for upcoming dental appointments, request appointments, pay outstanding fees, and more. The Patient Connect module also eliminates long wait times for patients, improving workflow and filling the appointment book. The result is a steady stream of patients, ensuring the practice runs smoothly. This module helps increase revenue by automating workflow and patient communication.

Reduces phone calls from patients

Using a dental booking software reduces phone calls from patients. This automated scheduling service automates all aspects of patient communication and reduces no-shows, while making marketing easier by doing all the work for you. Adit has taken this one step further by developing an application service that helps dental practices integrate with other applications such as Eaglesoft and Dentrix. Many dental practices report an average of 80 hours of phone calls from patients every year.

With the help of this software, your office can create a list of overdue dental patients and give them a free incentive for scheduling an appointment. This incentive can be something as simple as a free at-home whitening kit. This approach has proven to be a cost-effective way to deal with chronically overdue patients while generating revenue opportunities. It helps to avoid unnecessary phone calls from patients by giving them the option to pay online.

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