Beer Tap Handle Ideas for Your Home Bar

Would you like to make your home bar more stylish and functional – buy keg taps.

Today, the tap handle is more than just a dispensing tool. It will show others how much you are passionate about the culture of serving draft beer. This creative component will personalize the bar and stimulate your visitors to try new varieties of craft beer.

You just need to choose which type of tap handle is best suited for your purposes. Keep reading our article for more information.

Novelty Beer Tap Handles Ideas

There is something special about the atmosphere of small home bars: they are cozy and relaxing. This atmosphere can be emphasized by installing novelty keg taps, which are characterized by unpredictable shapes, designs, and colors.

It is a great marketing tool that makes people think: «I want to try this beer! It must be special!».

And such beer taps add value to the establishment, turning it from a trivial home bar to something more original.

Since we’re talking about novelty tap handles, let’s figure out what you can find here.

Let’s start with the material. The following options are available:

  1. Wood
  2. Metal
  3. Glass
  4. Ceramic
  5. Acrylic
  6. Porcelain
  7. Brass

Which material is better is up to you!

The shapes range is even more interesting. You can purchase keg taps in the form of:

  • The head of a rooster;
  • A bartender holding a beer;
  • A golfer
  • A figure of the farmer;
  • A singer;
  • President Obama;
  • A sailor;
  • A hand showing the «peace» sign;
  • A girl carrying beer mugs;
  • A bikini model;
  • Santa;
  • A chef;
  • A lady wearing a red evening dress;
  • A hand holding a beer glass, etc.

All these handles look as realistic and unique as possible!

Collectible Tap Handles Ideas

Collectible Tap Handles Ideas

Collectible tap handles are another great marketing idea that helps draw the attention of guests to your drinks.

Usually, their design has a logo of the brewery or beer they pour. If your visitors are true fans of some beer variety, such a tap will not go unnoticed!

There are more than 200 collectible keg taps in the range of the Beverage Craft company.

The brand offers both famous brands and tap handles of little-known breweries, so here you will definitely find what you need:

  • Cariboo
  • Tremblay
  • McAuslan – Brasserie & Distillerie
  • Belle Gueule
  • Carlsberg
  • Mill St. Brewery
  • Versay
  • Wildeye
  • Braumeister
  • Le Naufrageur
  • Bavaria
  • Life in the Clouds
  • Des Beaux Pres
  • Broadway Microbrasserie
  • Vinolution
  • Lost Craft
  • Alberta Beer Festival
  • Erdinger
  • Augusta
  • Somersby etc

In addition to the logo, some beer taps are sure to interest your friends with their unusual shape. You have to be indifferent to beer to pass them by and not want to try a fresh fragrant drink!

Personalized Tap Handles

Personalized Tap Handles for Your Home Bar

If you have not found the desired style of a beer tap among novelty or collectible tap handles, you can always order customized keg taps and brand them according to your needs.

You can also contact the representatives of Beverage Craft. The process of ordering such products is as follows:

  1. Choose a desirable handle material (ceramic or wood).
  2. Determine the design and color.
  3. Send the image or logo that should be placed on your tap.
  4. After the layout approval, wait for the order to be completed and delivered to your address.
  5. Install personalized tap handles at your place.

Whichever of these three options you choose, Beverage Craft will help you find the model that transforms your home bar!

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