Avinash Gupta (Sukhdev Vihar) Profile and Biography

Literature and Avinash

Avinash Gupta handed over his lab to Aayush Khurana after working as an independent scientist and serving his country till 2015. He was a previous student and the son of one of his closest friends. He felt the laboratory now needed a young man with greater stamina and zeal. Aayush, on either hand, came to him often when he needed advice and help.

He started authoring research articles and releasing books linked to his personal work upon leaving the lab. Everything he did during his practical work was recorded in books so that the general public may profit from it. His books were another gift to his country. Because there’s too much to learn from these novels, especially for kids. Those books contained everything Avinash had learned, practised, and researched. When his first book was published in 2017, it ended up selling like hotcakes. His three works were then released one after the other. They were all shortly sold out.

All of these books are gems by Sukhdev Vihar’s Avinash Gupta. Many people in the future will benefit from reading these books because they offer a wealth of knowledge and information. He based all he wrote in those books on his extensive experience and knowledge. Originally, a few people attempted to stir up controversy about his books. He accepted every challenge and proved them wrong because he had done the research and proved those theories in the lab.

His books were published in multiple versions for international readers. Many foreign countries began to include chapters from his book into their curricula. His books were taught to science students in foreign universities. Even those who worked in the field used his book as a reference when trying new ways and ideas.


A career in Sukhdev Vihar’s Avinash Gupta has already been selected as a Senior Professor of Science at India’s most famous institute, the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He taught students there with his heart and soul, telling them how to accept problems and face the world. His favourite subject has always been science, and he has never grown tired of it. He also had a wealth of knowledge and experience to give to the younger generation. He frequently arranged seminars and workshops to provide opportunities for young people and to bring fresh talent to the fore.

Remember how Avinash’s friends encouraged him to seek a career as a teacher? When he was no longer employed by the government in 2015, he decided to open an academy and teach kids for free. The goal was to ensure everybody could enroll in compulsory education. Even parents who can not afford to send their children to public schools started sending them to his institution. Avinash attempted to teach children using interesting and unique methods. He didn’t want them to learn anything at all from the books. Instead, we wanted students to think, ask any questions, and then apply what they learned.


Sukhdev Vihar’s Avinash has a genuine interest in paintings. Or, to put it differently, it was his hobby. He has always loved drawing or painting in his free time since he was a child. Usually, he drew inspired by nature. Due to his busy schedule, he never had enough time to polish and improve his painting skills. However, whenever he was invited to visit an art gallery, he made every attempt to go, and he frequently returned with the most beautiful and loving work of art. Whenever someone had the chance to visit his home, they said that not a single wall was devoid of a work of art.

Medical Camp for Free

Avinash Gupta was a genuine humanitarian, as we all know. He always was concerned about those who lacked access to fundamental needs of existence. Every month, he used to host a free medical camp at Sukhdev Vihar. This effort aimed to deliver medicines and therapy to people living in poor areas of the country. They provide free medicines and medical assistance to visitors during their free medical camp. He has a dedicated staff of doctors and healthcare providers working for him. Everyone on his team, from doctors to nurses and pharmacists, was dedicated to helping people in need.

They were on a mission to promote awareness about personal hygiene and self-care, in addition to providing medicines and medical help. Residents of poor communities often do not have access to clean water or a clean environment. There are many more issues that must be addressed in order to just provide them with a healthy lifestyle. As a result, they focused on every detail and tried to impart sufficient knowledge and information through their camp so that the long-term effects of their medical camp could be seen.

Avinash Social Life

Avinash was a simple, straightforward, and humble man in person. Despite his celebrity, he hated being in the society of the wealthy. Rather, he finds joy in helping the common people. When Avinash was in power, he surrounded himself with flatterers. He, on either hand, never gave importance to them and remained focused on his work.

We should admit that Avinash Gupta gave much to the well-being of his fellow people and his beloved homeland. At every step of his life, he sacrificed his personal interests and suffered. His top focus was for the people of his country who had access to sufficient food, education, and medical care. As a result, he worked incredibly hard to provide basic necessities to those who could not afford them. He has served his country and his nation in so many ways that we will not be able to pay him back. He succeeded in every field with which he was previously associated. He became an inspiration and a role model for the youth because of his wisdom, passion, and quick actions.

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