Authentic London Dry Gin Presented by PETRIOT GIN


We all know that Gin is the well known specific type of distilled alcoholic beverage among other classes of alcoholic beverage. It is popular for its predominant flavor extracted from different kinds of berries to the consumers around the world. It is typically comes with a very neutral and distinct smoother flavor. The manufacturer of these specific types of alcoholic beverage chooses wisely top class grain spirit such as wheat or rye in general. To enhance the flavor of this alcoholic beverage they use juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, citrus peels following the exact recipe of the old and authentic production method.

If you are looking for the prefect brand and style of gin then you are at the right place. PETRIOT GIN offers the clients a wide range of flavor profiles in order to enhance their beloved consumers gin drinking experiences. We have a long and rich history of producing world class London dry gin. We are the authentic gin maker based out of Slovenia. PETRIOT GIN is the most popular spirit that is used in different kinds of contemporary cocktails. You can also simply enjoy it on its own over ice or with tonic water if you want. We produce customized reach and smooth unique flavor profile in order to experience you a distinct taste. Why should you choose our gin are described below:

We always select high-quality ingredients:

As you know the first step of producing the most pleasant quality of gin is to choose the best quality of ingredients. It actually includes the main three components which are base spirit, botanicals and last but not least the water resource. We produce the base spirit with great care and it contains neutral spirit that is comes with high quality and purity without a doubt. The botanicals we use in our distillery are high quality. Our quality control team focuses on selecting all the botanicals we use selected with great care that complement in order to create a balanced flavor profile.

We use organic and highly infused botanicals:

We use the most outstanding botanicals are then infused into the base spirit. We follow our exact old and unique infusion process because it is important for us in order to maintain our reputation as the best distiller in all over Slovenia. We work on vapor infusion process in order to get the best flavor possible. We steep all our botanicals in the base spirit for a certain period of time because it is required to extract their flavors perfectly. We allow the alcohol vapor to pass through and infuse the botanicals in order to get the distinct London dry gin.

We distill the gin by our experienced gin makers:

When we finish the process of infusing the botanicals into the base spirit then our expert gin makers distills the gin with their great care. The distillation process they execute it usually removes almost all the impurities and helps the maker to concentrate the flavors into the gin. Usually the exact distillation process actually depends on the distiller’s preference. The process involves heating the gin mixture and turn it into vaporize concoction in order to extract the alcoholic content. Then it is then collected and bring back into the liquid form.


Finally we would say that if you consume the best quality of gin in moderate quantity then you may obtain some potential health benefits. So you can enjoy drinking your favorite gin presented by PETRIOT GIN. You can contact us 24/7 anytime you want. Our sales representative will be waiting for your call. Thank you for staying with us. Enjoy your drinking.

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