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At What Interval Should You Opt for RO Service?

Reverse osmosis is most commonly known as RO and is counted as the most advanced water filtration technique by Indian households. The RO water purifier technology is designed to eliminate all types of impurities that are found in unfiltered water. The RO is one of the most unique types of filtration technology which includes the deionization of water by pushing it through a semipermeable membrane under the pressure.

RO Water Purifier Needs Regular Servicing: Know Why?

The water after being pushed through the semipermeable membrane sieves the bigger molecules and thereafter shifts to the lesser concerted side from the more concerted side to provide clean drinkable water. The water that is processed by the RO is termed the permeate, while the remaining water is either called litter or brine.

Given how the RO filters play such a crucial role along with its membranes, it is important to replace the same on a timely basis. You must consider a routine RO water purifier service to maximize its efficiency.

The Importance of Changing RO Filters and Cartridges

The vitality of a filter is similar to human lungs. Just like the latter, the filter can filter out the potential waste products from the drinking water to make sure you have easy access to clean and safer drinking water every time. However, with everyday use, either the wreckage or the fragment can contribute to filter clogging which in turn can ruin both the filter and the RO forever.

It is also important to maintain your RO because of its carbon-based filters and how the same keep losing their absorbent properties over time.

How Often is it Ok to Do RO Servicing?

You must consider changing the pre-filter RO (installed on the exterior part of the water purifier) every 3-4 months. However, whether you should change them at all is determined by both the volume and quality of the distilled water.

However, you can replace the other pre-filters like the sediment filter, the carbon filter, and the DI cartridge every 6-12 months, though it depends upon the amount of water that moves through them. Anyway, you must perform an inspection on the filter independently.

Here’s When You Should Ideally Change the Carbon Filter

The water moves to the carbon filter from the sediment filter and the former is responsible for removing all types of organic contaminants and chlorine. It is the carbon filter that filters all types of unpleasant smells from the water. The RO membrane is highly affected by chlorine. But the activated carbon filter can absorb all the impurities and chlorine to prolong the lifespan of the RO membrane.

You must henceforth, consider changing the carbon filter regularly to prolong their life and prevent the water from smelling bad.

Here’s When You Should Be Changing the RO Membrane

The RO membrane makes up for the most imperative aspect of a RO water purifier. The entire functioning of the water purifier is done by the RO membrane, while both the carbon filter and the sediment filter are simply getting the water prepared for the membrane to prevent it from getting damaged.

If you can promise to keep both the carbon and sediment filters in good condition, then you have to think of replacing the same only after they have purified 4,000-6000 liters of water. At what interval you would have to replace the RO membrane is dependent upon the water consumption, the sediment filter, and its efficiency followed by the input water’s quality.

What To Know Before Choosing RO Service?

Before you think of selecting RO service and replacing the RO membranes and filters, you must first look into a few considerations. The right time to call for servicing technicians and changing the RO membrane and filters depends upon:

  • The number of impurities present in the input water
  • How hard is the input water or what amount of TDS level does it contain?
  • You are using the RO purifier for what amount of water purification.

You might have to opt for frequent water purifier service and changing of the RO membranes and filters, in case your water contains extreme levels of impurities and TDS levels, or even if you are counting on your RO water purifier for the purification of large amounts of water.

What Happens If You Don’t Invest in RO Service?

Change the RO filters and book a RO service every year to keep them in a good condition and to stay safe. As for the RO membrane, you must replace them every two years. In case you overlook and don’t think of investing in RO servicing regularly, then you might end up drinking polluted water and damage your overall health.

While this might look helpful to you, the exact time and frequency for a water purifier are determined by what amount of water you filter in your RO, the impurities present in your water source, and the service cycle as well. The final words are that if you have been using the filter for a very long time, then it is time to replace them and book a RO servicing.

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