Are Robotic & Automated Hair Transplant Systems Better?

What is A Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair Transplant is a procedure in which physicians extract follicular units (group of naturally occurring hair) from the back side of the heads or scalp (Also called as the donor area) and implants them into the bald area of the scalp. (Also called as the recipient area)

The outcome or success of a traditional/conventional Hair Transplant procedure is defendant on the following factors:

  • Proper planning customized to every patient’s needs
  • Surgeon’s skills
  • Tools used during the procedure
  • Quality of the Grafts (follicular units) extracted
  • Proper implantation techniques employed during implantation
  • Post-operative follow-up and care

Though surgeon’s skills are of prime importance, the efficiency of the surgeon can be drastically enhanced using modern day tools like computer vision, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics.

The HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant System is one such system. It uses computer vision, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics in all the steps of a hair transplant procedure namely:

  • Pre-procedure Step
  • Procedure Step
  • Post-procedure Step

In the Pre-procedure step, the HARRTS system’s HAIR Studio Software helps in thorough planning of the number of grafts to be extracted and the areas it will be implanted. This is done on the patient’s own photographs to simulate the post-procedure result.

In the procedure stage the following tools helps the surgeon in both extraction and implantation:

The up-to 50x magnification camera provides high magnification of the grafts to be extracted and as such reduces the transection while harvesting the grafts.

The 100 inches Augmented Reality Display provides a large floating see through screen and heads-up display in front of the surgeon’s eyes, thus avoiding the need of the surgeon to bend down on the patient’s donor area, and avoids postural fatigue, while also providing a large, magnified display of the donor area and its grafts, thus reducing the grafts transection rate drastically.

The AI Camera and the computer vision software provide both pre-operative and real time analysis of the donor area with respect to the number and types of grafts and their location on the donor area, thus assisting the surgeon to harvest specific type of grafts from the donor area. It also provides a through understanding of the orientation of the grafts beneath the skin and this drastically reduces graft transection while harvestation.

The 5 degrees of freedom dexterous arm helps in pre-operative scanning of the donor area as well real time surgeon’s hand tracking with the AI Camera, and automatically guides the surgeon to the exact locations from where the grafts are supposed to be extracted.

All these processes of the HARRTS Automated Hair Transplant machine enhance the efficiency of the surgeon and improves the overall outcome of a Hair Transplant.

In conclusion, a Robotic Hair Transplant procedure is definitely a better choice, both for the surgeons and patients.

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