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Are Cannabis Edibles Good for You?

Cannabis or marijuana refers to the dried-out flowers, twigs, seeds, and leaves of the Cannabis plant

Cannabis is a famous substance used by people all over the world for either pleasure purposes or to treat some medical conditions, cannabis can be taken in many ways, and one of these ways includes consuming marijuana edible.

However, some people may think whether in taking cannabis in this way is even safe or not.

This article clarifies if it’s harmless to consume cannabis products directly and the effects on health— both positive and negative — related to direct consumption.

Can Marijuana Be Eaten?

The answer to this very question is yes, people have eaten cannabis for past ages, and there is nothing odd about it.

It was, in fact, used as a way to treat ill people in China and India in ancient times. In the western world in it is used by medics for treatment. Edible medications like tinctures were prescribed to patients for treating a number of conditions.

Edible cannabis items were also made use of in cases of stress disorders and persuade euphoria, similar to that of effects from alcohol.

A beverage called bhang is made from a combination of its leaves and flowers and has been there for centuries during religious commemorations, such as Holi, which is a festival in India.

In America, the entertaining use of edible cannabis goods became prevalent in the past, and even today, many kinds of edible products are available depending on the state law.

For instance, gummy bears, bonbons, chocolates, pills, infused teas, and emollients are some of the edible cannabis products that are either sold legally or illegally in many parts of the world.

Edible baked products have also come to trend nowadays, like brownies and cakes.

Consuming Raw Cannabis

Although raw cannabis can be consumed, the effects, however, will not be the same as when consuming the edibles because of the process of decarboxylation that needs to be done to activate it.

Raw cannabis comprises Cannabidiol Acid (CBDA) and Tetra Hydro Cannabinol Acid (THCA). These are the compounds that have to be touching heat, such as in the case of smoking or baking it in the oven to activate them.

Consequently, consuming raw cannabis will not offer the same effects as the edibles like candies, toffees, or brownies.

The potential benefits to health behind eating marijuana raw are still unknown, though.

Health Benefits Of Edible Cannabis Products

Cannabis has a number of potential benefits, medicinal uses and has been used to treat various illnesses through history.

Today, the demand for edible cannabis products has increased drastically as it is even being used for treating people. Some health conditions that are treated using edible cannabis are given below:

  • Chronic pain anywhere in the body
  • Cancer-related symptoms
  • Anxiety or stress disorders

Cannabis products for medical purposes are allowed to be legally prescribed in nations like Italy, Spain, and Germany, etc. It is recommended by many medical practitioners in the United stated too.

Some Other Benefits Of Cannabis Edibles Include:

  1. THC is the compound accountable for the heady properties of cannabis items that can persuade moods of elation and relaxation. Thus, it makes THC in small amounts suitable for pain relief.
  2. The rest of the compounds in cannabis, like CBD, do not produce such effects of euphoria and have been known to possess anti-inflammatory effects and also helps in reducing anxiety.
  3. Edible cannabis items, like tinctures, oils, tablets, and jellies, are used to treat eating disorders, help in weight loss, and many more such issues.
  4. Furthermore, these items can be helpful to treat pain and muscle spasms, ease nausea, and help in sleeping better.
  5. Apart from pain and anxiety management, CBD is also documented to have anti-seizure effects.
  6. CBD in cannabis edibles can be very helpful for relaxing people with severe autism, especially if there are any incidents of self harm.

Potential Side Effects and Downsides of Eating Cannabis

Apart from the wide range of benefits, there can be certain downsides to edible cannabis. Issues can be faced with the amount one should take in a single dosage and how long it will take for the cannabis to show its effects.

1. The effects can take different amounts of time for everyone to kick in. This can depend on the person’s age, body weight, and height. The edibles also take longer to show effects in comparison to other means like smoking, etc.

2. The longer time period for the effects to show up can sometimes result in people consuming more than the usual amount, and that can cause conditions like paranoia, impaired motor ability, and many more. Therefore, for new consumers, it is always recommended that you must consume a small amount and give it time to kick in rather than over-consuming it.

3. Some other downsides linked to edible cannabis items comprise dryness in the mouth, constant fatigue, and along with that, a changing visual perception.

4. One major thing to worry about cannabis edible products is that they look like any other candy, chocolate, gummies and more, and can be by mistake ingested by kids, pets, or older people. Consumption by mistake has always been a downside of cannabis products because of the way they appear from the outside.

Final Thoughts!

Edible cannabis does have a long list of benefits from its consumption, which comprise reducing anxiety and severe body pains. Yet, these products do have some downsides and must not be taken alongside any other substance like alcohol or other medication. Contingent to where you belong, always check the laws regarding the procurement of cannabis products as you do not want to be tangled in any mishappening. Apart from that, mind the dosage and wait for the substance to show its effects over time.

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