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Anna Macko – Crypto Queen

Cryptocurrency has grown into leaps and bounds over the last decade. No other innovation has captured the world like cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, blockchain technology over the last decade. Crypto traders take advantage of its volatility. It’s not surprising that many find crypto trading more rewarding than the traditional forex trade. However, trading cryptocurrency can be challenging because you are required to constantly pay attention to trading charts to make your trading profitable. As a keen investor, I have learned that some cryptocurrencies pay out ongoing income similar to earning interest. Crypto investment can be a great way to put your passive capital to work, keeping in mind that due to the volatile price of most cryptocurrencies, the returns may not make up for the initial investment if proper care is not taken.

However, there are no-brainer strategies on how to make money with cryptocurrency. After all, almost everyone gets into the crypto world to make money, although not all end up successful. A lot of people either simply give up along the way or fall into some sort trap with rising cases of crypto scam or simply fail to master the techniques that help them build a strong crypto portfolio.

Nevertheless, there are quite many methods you can use to make money legitimately with cryptocurrencies. Anna Macko, an experienced crypto trader, has studied various ways other successful crypto traders have used to create wealth for themselves. She has explored some of the proven ways of how to make money with cryptocurrency. She realized that while trading may look simple from the start, it’s a lot more complicated, especially where trading tools are involved. The reasons why trading cryptocurrency challenges many, according to Anna, is that people often fall into the trap of wanting to make quick money, instead of finding a good formula that ensures they grow their wealth progressively and consistently.

Anna has amassed 477K followers on Instagram and posted more than 800 posts. Her story is that of resilient approach, strategic approach and meticulous implementation of crypto trading strategy. In one of her videos titled, “How to make $1 million in 300 trades using the exact method I call: The 2% Theory”, Anna narrates how one can build wealth with cryptocurrency.

Ann started in engaging in crypto in 2012, but would own her first cryptocurrency in

  1. To respond to the needs of those getting into cryptocurrency, especially how to make profit trading cryptocurrency and how to keep your crypto safe, Ann elaborates the strategies in “The 2% theory.” The 2% theory is a more logical way of making money trading cryptocurrency, consistently.

Apart from trading crypto, Anna loves walking as a past-time. A lot of times she has found herself monitoring the signals to take trade in positions while on the move. She has, in several occasions, traded while on a walk right from her phone. Insisting on the power of habits, Anna believes that consistent habits ensures you not only make you a better trader but also a better person in terms of physical and mental health.

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