Anal Fissure Surgery Cost in India

A tear in one’s anal region is a severe problem. Bleeding and pain is an indication of the prevalence of anal fissures.

It happens due to constant wear or tear or excess pressure applied while passing stools. The lining can be weak, causing a cut or opening space that causes pain and a burning sensation. This is common in infants but also seen in adults as well.

Anal fissures are usually curable, but in some cases, a proper anal fissure treatment is needed. The treatment ranges from medicines to surgery. Usually,  anal fissure surgery cost an average of Rs.67,500 in India.

The starting price of this surgery is Rs.11,000 and can go up to Rs.1,10,000. The surgery fee may vary depending on the city you live in, the hospital you choose, and even the doctor who does your surgery.

One has to be very careful about the symptoms of anal fissure, and if you ignore it, it can only worsen. Early treatment is always better for an individual, even if the issue is a mild one. Proper treatment will save you a lot of money in the future.

The symptoms to look out for anal fissures are:

  • Mild or excess pain during bowel movements.
  • Blood accompanied with stools all the time.
  • Pain during the passage of stools. Prolonged pain for long hours after that.
  • The formation of cracks/patches around the anus.
  • Lump formation on the skin related to the anal fissure.

If you ever see blood during bowel movements, consult a healthcare professional immediately. The professional will help you with the medication and other processes.

Never fail to consult a healthcare professional if any of the symptoms mentioned above are seen. As said earlier, ‘prevention is better than cure.’

The fissure can occur due to many reasons, but there are some common causes for this problem, and they are as given below:

  • Regular constipation or difficulty passing stools
  • Large stools passed too often
  • Childbirth
  • Intercourse in the anal
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Syphilis or anal cancer
  • HIV
  • Tuberculosis

These are the causes of the tearing of the anal region. Many hospitals provide treatment for this condition, but the treatment is just the treatment of the problem. To eradicate the recurrence of this issue, one needs to follow a proper diet and avoid constipation.

Anal fissure surgery cost different in different cities, and you can see the average, starting, and maximum price in the cities here.

City Average Price Starting Price Price Up to
Bangalore Rs. 46708.00 Rs. 3600.00 Rs. 110000.00
Chandigarh Rs. 20900.00 Rs. 17600.00 Rs. 24200.00
Chennai Rs. 44579.00 Rs. 30000.00 Rs. 56000.00
Gurgaon Rs. 67500.00 Rs. 65000.00 Rs. 70000.00
Hyderabad Rs. 49722.00 Rs. 3200.00 Rs. 110000.00
Kolkata Rs. 34176.00 Rs. 5000.00 Rs. 85000.00
Mumbai Rs. 47693.00 Rs. 15000.00 Rs. 115050.00
New Delhi Rs. 48593.00 Rs. 2000.00 Rs. 100000.00
Pune Rs. 53103.00 Rs. 11000.00 Rs. 110000.00

It’s not just the cities, but the hospital you choose will have different costs as per the quality of service they provide.

What happens after the surgery?

After the surgery, the patient’s stool can change. Diet has to be strict as per the ‘and dietitian’s advice. The possibility of constipation is there, but it will be temporary.

Fissure surgeries are usually minor and have a high recovery rate within a few weeks. One must adhere to a strict diet and avoid constipation as the fissure treatment is not a permanent or full proof solution to the problem.

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