An Insight Into The Enamel Pins

Glitter is available in 14 standard colours but can be blended to match any Pantone shades you use. True black and pure white are most often combined with any rainbow or very slight silver glitters (and pretty much disappear entirely in hard enamel.) There is a grey ink texture in soft enamel, but you will not see the texture when used with hard or soft epoxy.

What is the specialty of enamel pins?

Sprinkle a powder over the inks until it is fully cured, and it is possible to use it in soft or hard enamel pins. Glow in the dark. White glow powder shines green and has little impact on the colour to which it is applied to be added to almost any hue. If glow is used in soft enamel, the ink gives the texture a little sticky. You can’t see the texture of hard enamel or soft epoxy. You will find the underlying tone plays a role in how it glows in different shades inside a pin.

On the other hand, blue glow powder adds a blue tone to any combination in which it is better used with white (for a pale blue result) or a shade of blue (it will intensify the colour.) Working with it’s a little harder, but it’s GLOWS BLUE!

Anything a little rarer looking for? Perhaps one of our three dark-metallic, perforated or transparent horses!

Metallic ink is available now in over 50 different pins on over pins silver and gold. It’s not like metal in high shine, but a soft shimmer. Twinkle it that’s right when it will become too much of a full-on shimmer. Pearl ink is only white and best found in hard or soft epoxy enamel. The extra brightness and light reflection truly help it. We have 6 – 8 fixed base tones to choose from in hard or soft enamels, whether you are looking for transparent inks. Although any colour can be mixed for a translucent one, it can be hard to match, so we suggest to choose from the colours on the stock.

For transparent inks, medium to dark tones fit well. If the If Color is too bright, it can look milky and pretty disgusting, and we do not propose to use light colours. The colour is too smooth. It works better if you use a more over 50 different pins on overpins lighted toned metal like gold or nickel since the ink’s opacity is lower, and the darker the background, the darker the ink. One technique is to make ink pass through flat and recessed areas. Many tones can be received by one ink.

Hard Email: Hard Email lapel pins struck on a metal plate of brass or zinc. A die is designed for custom metal design. The pin outline and any outlines are then cut with a different tool. The Colors of Enamel are all hands-filled. The pin will then be baked and polished to make a smooth, Hard Enamel finish.

Soft email: Soft email lapel pins are loaded with enamel paints after they are hit with the die. They are fired to screen the colours and offer a radiant look. Soft Enamel pins are the most popular pins manufactured with high quality and lower cost than hard Enamel pins. Their quality is high.

Pins of specialty: specialty over 50 different pins on overpins implement the customer’s whole imagination. Sliders, spinners, PVC (rubber), slippers, hazelnuts, light pins, pins, metal printed litho, domed pins, ringing bells, and many more may have bobbles heads, sliders, pin pins.

Photo pins: personalized photo pins are drawings or photographs of the logo or design that are exact. Pictures. 3-7 days from acceptance of art stock shapes of photo-pins. Image pins custom form are made for ten days. Photo pins are ideal for customized replicas of existing works, filled with colour shades or gradients as Hard Enamel or Soft Enamel pins.


The hit lapel pins are perfect for the designs for which an all-metal pin is needed. Details, contrasts and reliefs are clear throughout the hit phase. The raised surfaces are highly polished instead of colour, and the recessed surfaced areas are finished under the polished metal, sandblasted and structured, and are matte or old.

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