AN Insight into Amiibo Bin Files Download

Amiibo operator does not host these files. There is no way for Amiibo Doctor to validate the original ownership of bin files. This page is merely a list of the most recent compilations of amiibo bin file download.

What are the amiibo bin files?

Stated, bins are the files that exist in all of the amiibo figures, chips, and cards currently in existence. Think of them as ROM files—you can put a Pokemon game ROM into your Game Boy, into an emulator, or a reproduction cartridge. You may load an amiibo bin file into an amiibo figure, an amiibo card, or a Power saves for amiibo in the same way. Each of these will work the same way.

Please check out our complete guide to amiibo bin files if you have any further questions. Determine the best ways to use the bin files before you do so! There is a comprehensive guide to making amiibo cards here. Check out our FAQ page in the top menu if you have any additional queries! It’s a great controller if you don’t want to deal with bin files and prefer a straightforward solution.

With Tag and the New Bins, There’s Been a Little Bit of a Problem. Check the Tagmo Guide for the Latest Version – if that doesn’t work, put the bins in a subfolder designated “tagmo” in the directory’s root.


There is no record of who compiled them, and they are hosted on Google Drive, which is a mystery. As of November 2021, this is the whole set of amiibo bin files. Within 24 hours of the release of a new amiibo, the unknown owner of the dump usually posts it online. The bin files for the Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo are currently hosted on this server.

The “Amiibo Bin Dump v4” that was recently moving through the amiibo fans appears to be its spiritual heir if my hypothesis is correct. There may be newer versions of this, but if so, this is your best bet for finding them.

Locked-Secret and Unfixed Information bins are what?

The amiibo’s encryption may be deciphered using these two files. To unlock your amiibo, they must be used in conjunction with each other. For Tag, you’ll need these.

Key-retail” bin files are also commonly seen in the bin directory. Locked-secret and unfixed-info files have been merged into this one. However, it should not be considered a replacement for any of those. Key-retail may be necessary for some apps, while the other two may be sufficient for others.

With the amiibo bin files, how can you create amiable cards?

This is a good question, and the answer is contingent on the tools at your disposal. You can produce amiibo cards in various ways; the processes are the same regardless of your method of choice.

  • Use your phone’s NFC reader to scan an unwritten NTAG chip.
  • On your app, select “Write Tag” or a similar option.
  • Wait for the NTAG chip to be written by the phone.
  • To make sure you wrote the correct amiibo file, scan the chip into your Nintendo Switch.

That’s all there is to it! Check out amiibo. Life to learn what else amiibo can do, such as obtaining villagers in New Horizons or more equipment in Splatoon!

Amiibo cards use NTAG215 chips; where can you find them?

NTAG215 chips can be purchased from a handful of Amazon merchants. These all produce amiibo with a similar function. However, the format may make it easier or more difficult to use depending on how you intend to utilize the amiibo. There are three types of amiibos: paper, coin, and sticker, and each of these can be made using one of three different formats (also with an amiibo sticker).

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