An In-Depth Guide About Immigration Medical Examination

No matter where you are traveling to, immigration medical examination is an essential part of immigrating to any country. If you aim to become a permanent resident in the UK or Australia, you need to take this test before proceeding with immigration. 

In many countries, such an exam is also known as a green card medical test. It is mainly done to ensure public safety and thereby remove any grounds for inadmissibility for proposing immigrants. 

There are specific diseases that have considerable public health significance that can make an individual inadmissible to that specific country. And the processes like immigration medicals UKare conducted mainly to remove these grounds of inadmissibility.

Aim of the Immigration Medical Examination

The examinations are conducted for multiple reasons. The medical grounds of inadmissibility, vaccinations provided to foreign nationals, and the medical exams of foreign nationals are specifically designed to protect the health of a country’s population. Such reports provide the required medical information of any immigrant to the higher concerned authorities to determine whether the foreign national can meet all the required health-related standards set for admissibility or not.

Here are some of the primary medical conditions which can make an applicant inadmissible depending on the health-related grounds:

  • Contagious disease of considerable public health significance
  • Failure to produce appropriate proof of required vaccinations by the immigrant
  • Mental or even physical disorder with associated harmful behavior
  • Addiction or drug abuse

Picking a Doctor for Immigration Medical Exam

You cannot refer to any doctor or health specialist for the processes like medicals for immigration to Australia. The examination will only be conducted by the health professional who is approved by the state government.

So, if you are planning to apply for an immigrant visa, you can receive a panel of physicians approved by the government. In most cases, you need to choose physicians who can conduct the test for you. 

However, it is advisable to check with the procedure at the local consulate. Also, do note that you might have to get an appointment notification before seeing the government-approved physician. You might also be able to find a directory of the civil surgeons as well if it is made available by the concerned authorities. 

What to Carry to The Medical Examination?

If you are confused about what to carry to the medical examination, here are some basic things for your reference. However, this list can get slightly modified depending on the rules and regulations offered by the country. You need to carry:

  • A valid passport or any other government-issued photo identification
  • Your detailed vaccination records
  • Immigration Medical form
  • Report of Medical Examination
  • Required medical examination fee
  • Required number of passport photos
  • Report of any specific condition, special education, or any supervision requirements
  • List of medications
  • Tuberculosis certificate from your physician
  • Certificate of clearance which has to be signed by a health official which can prove that you have been adequately treated

Along with all this data and information, you need to provide appropriate vaccination records as well. Sometimes, these vaccinations might be essential by the concerned government. Also, the medical practitioner will be asking you about your medical history. Along with that, you also need to undergo physical and mental examination tests according to the country’s immigration services. 

Have you got queries for your immigration medical exams? Please comment and share the views here. 

There has been reported multiple instances of officials using questionable reasoning to deny individuals their Green Card. In such instances, affected individuals need to work with experts like Tadeo & Silva green card lawyers. Legal experts can help put pressure on government officials and ensure that they are fair and just in the process of doing the medical examinations for immigration. You can also take help from experts at the start of the process to ensure that your immigration paperwork is complete and presented in an updated fashion. This helps in eliminating errors which can lead to even further delays in the immigration and Green Card process

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