Amusing Facts About Flies With Ways To Prevent The Infestation

Houseflies are a big nuisance as they get on the nerves with their constant buzzing. They are more than an annoyance for businesses, specifically in the pharmaceutical and food industry. They can impact the health of their customers. Despite being irritating, these tiny insects are relatively fascinating creatures.

Their feeding, breeding and even moving habits are different and amusing. Even though they are fascinating, you cannot deny that you have installed fly screens to prevent them from entering your premises. Premier Screen supplies high-quality fly and insect screens. Premier Screen is one of the leaders in the industry, providing fly and insect screens for residences and businesses.

The following post will talk about the annoying buzzing around you that flies. You will read some amazing facts about them and how you can prevent their infestation. Firstly, let’s talk about the facts about flies.

Facts about flies

Here listing some of the unusual facts about flies.

  • Flies live on a liquid diet
  • Flies taste with their feet
  • They defecate a lot
  • Flies spread various diseases
  • They can walk upside down
  • They can see behind them
  • They don’t have a long life span
  • Flies have an outstanding reaction time
  • Male flies are always looking for a date
  • Flies have unhygienic breeding habits

If you ask someone how long a fly can live, many people may not know about it. At the same time, some people have a misconception that flies live for 24 hours. Large flies and houseflies infest your place and can live for days or months. However, Mayflies live only for 24 hours.

House flies lay eggs in dirty places and become larvae. Maggots turn to pupa, and finally, they become adult flies. To your surprise, house flies can live for about 20-25days. Sometimes, their lifespan can extend to a month.

Signs, prevent and ways to get rid of flies

The most usual sign of a fly infestation is noticing them flying around your house. You see them flying, especially in and around where you keep food. If you suspect fly infestation examines your food sources for eggs or larvae. The best way of preventing a fly infestation is to prevent adult flies from entering your place.

You can install a fly screen on all the doors and windows of your house. At the same time, diligently clean your places, especially your kitchen and dining area. You can also opt for tips and tricks like hanging a plastic bag with water from the door frame. It will discourage them from entering your house as the movement and presence will mess with their vision and dissuade them from entering your property.

In order to get rid of the annoyance of flies, you have to remove all their potential food sources. At the same time, thoroughly disinfect your house. Use powder insecticides and sprays to eradicate flies. You can also go for fly traps like light traps or sticky strips to trap these irritating and dirty insects.  If you fail to stop flies from buzzing around and irritating you, you just need to contact a professional service provider to help eliminate them.

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