Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds come from a long line of legendary landraces containing pure sativa genetics and boasting some of the highest known THC levels.

As a result, Amnesia Haze is potent—in every sense of the word. Haze strains are a fan-favorite among 420 enthusiasts, and a few tokes of Amnesia Haze feminized can quickly tell you why.

The aromas and flavors of Amnesia Haze are unmatched, and it delivers sensationally strong cerebral and physical effects.

Plus, growing this sublime strain is a cultivator’s dream. Amnesia Haze produces high yields, beautiful buds, and delicious tasting weed.

You need some experience to grow Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds, so beginners should seek assistance or opt for a more forgiving strain.

If you like what you hear, you’ll love the in-depth information we’ve got below. Get comfortable and join us as we discover everything there is to know about Amnesia Haze feminized seeds.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds description

This sativa-leaning strain is an infusion of indigenous landrace strains, cherry-picked for their sky-high THC levels, intense flavors, and mind-blowing effects.

This incredible blend of genetics scored Amnesia Haze feminized several awards, including Best Sativa at the 2004 and 2012 Cannabis Cup.

It was also named as one of the 25 Greatest Strains by High Times.

Feminized Amnesia Haze plants boast 16–20% THC and a maximum of 2% CBD.

These cannabinoid levels make for an ideal wake ‘n bake strain that uplifts and invigorates your mind while providing an intense rush of physical energy.

Unlike other sativa-leaning strains, Amnesia Haze feminized seeds produce plants that reach heights of about four feet. Luckily, that’s the only department where they come in short.

These plants develop thin, broad leaves and feature dense buds with a thick layer of resinous trichomes. If you want to create cannabis concentrates, Amnesia Haze can get the job done. 

As Amnesia Haze feminized plants mature, they take on a frosty white hue and emit scents of fresh citrus and other earthy goodness.

If you have some cannabis growing experience under your belt, you’ll love the challenge of cultivating your own crop of Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds.

A fruitful yield of these plants rewards you with hefty harvests, buds dripping in resin, and flavor-filled flowers.

Amnesia Haze feminized effects

Within moments of consuming some Amnesia Haze feminized buds, your journey begins.

It starts with a small spark of joy that quickly develops into a deep wave of euphoria. You may start to contemplate certain aspects of your life but from an entirely different perspective.

Your senses are heightened, and you feel more aware of your surroundings. Amnesia Haze feminized makes you mindful of the present moment.

Intense cerebral effects improve your mood and enhance mental focus and clarity. You feel creative, productive, and motivated to tick things off your to-do list.

There’s also a strong likelihood of developing the munchies and having a strong urge to socialize.

While your mind is experiencing ecstasy, your body receives a surge of energy that makes it easier to accomplish daily tasks.

At the same time, feminized Amnesia Haze buds provide a dose of uplifting physical relaxation that nurses your aches and pains.

To make the most of Amnesia Haze, consume it during the day. It’s a sativa-dominant cultivar, so it gives you energy and euphoria rather than being super sedating.

The effects of Amnesia Haze feminized buds last for two to three hours. It’s important to use it in small doses, as overconsumption can lead to a mental blackout—hence its jarring name.

If used moderately, a few puffs of Amnesia Haze results in a blissful cerebral high and an invigorating rush of physical energy.

Pair it with energetic activities like exercising, hiking, or lovemaking. Alternatively, use its creative qualities to gain inspiration for creative projects or embark on a mentally stimulating adventure.

Amnesia Haze feminized flavors

Open up a jar of Amnesia Haze feminized buds, and you’re greeted with a potent yet pleasant aroma. Its flowers smell like lemons, citrus, cedarwood, and other earthy scents.

A splash of spiciness closely resembling pepper enhances these flavors, which is common for Haze variants.

When smoked, feminized Amnesia Haze buds provide a smooth toke that tastes sweet, fruity, and somewhat sour. Expect a spicy exhale that leaves a lasting flavor in your mouth.

How to germinate Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Before you can grow a gorgeous crop of Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, you need to start with step one: germination.

You can start your Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds in several ways. All these methods have different pros and cons, and each person’s success rate will likely vary.

It’s important to remember that failing to germinate a couple of marijuana seeds is inevitable—even for professional cultivators.

Don’t get discouraged, though. Instead, pick a germination method that suits you, and follow our top tips for successful germination.

No matter how you choose to start your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, stick to these golden rules for the best results:

  • Keep temperatures between 71–77℉.
  • Maintain a relative humidity between 70–90%.
  • Opt for fluorescent lights.
  • Choose a damp environment, but not wet.
  • Use purified water.

Here are the three most popular germination techniques:

Paper towel method

This method is most common among cannabis cultivators. Grab some purified water, paper towels, and a plate.

Moisten one paper towel and put it on the plate. Space your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds about an inch apart on top of the plate before covering it with another damp paper towel.

After three to five days, you’ll see tiny white tips, also known as taproots. Once they reach about a quarter of an inch long, you can carefully rehome them.

Use pots and create holes about half an inch deep, and place your germinated seeds inside them. Then, you can set up fluorescent light five inches away to encourage development. 

Use a misting spray to keep your feminized Amnesia Haze seeds damp and avoid overwatering at this fragile stage.

Glass of water method

This method is cheap and easy, but it’s not the most effective. However, many growers still manage to grow large and luscious plants after starting their weed seeds this way.

Grab a glass and fill half of it with water that has a temperature of around 71℉. Drop your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds inside and wait for the magic to happen.

After three to five days, follow the same process we described above.

Directly into soil

Cannabis seeds are super fragile during germination, so planting them directly into soil (or another growing medium) is an excellent decision.

You don’t need to move them, and you won’t cause any potential damage. On top of that, there are fewer temperature fluctuations in soil.

Fill your pots with high-quality organic soil after soaking it in water and adding an optional root stimulator. If you prefer to skip the soaking, you can use a spray to dampen the soil holes.

Dig half-inch deep holes for every seed and place your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds into their new homes. Cover them loosely with soil but don’t press down. Spray lightly with water.

Maintain a damp climate with temperatures between 71–77℉, and you should see a taproot within four to ten days.

Now, you can move the seedling and its surrounding environment to a larger pot and let nature take over.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds grow information

Growing your own crop of feminized Amnesia Haze seeds is a fun, enriching, rewarding, and highly satisfying experience.

However, it’s a fairly challenging strain to cultivate, so newbies should proceed with caution.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds are more suited to intermediate level growers for several reasons:

  • It’s a long-flowering strain, so you need to provide optimal conditions throughout its entire growth cycle.
  • It can struggle outdoors if temperatures drop too much.
  • Its size often surprises growers, so it can be difficult to maintain.
  • It’s susceptible to disease and pests, so outdoor cultivators need to remain vigilant.
  • It requires plenty of light and airflow, which means regular trimming.

Luckily, the genetics of these weed seeds allow you to eliminate the development of male plants. In other words, Amnesia Haze feminized seeds only produce fields of female crops.

This strain flourishes outdoors, inside, and in greenhouses. A hydroponics system guarantees maximum yields, but other growing mediums like soil also provide excellent results.

Amnesia Haze has a flowering time of around 8–9 weeks, but certain phenotypes can take as long as 13 weeks to bloom.

As a high-yielding strain, Amnesia Haze feminized plants typically produce indoor harvests of 17–21 oz./m² and 21–28 oz. per plant outside.

If you opt for al fresco cultivation, make sure you plant your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds in a Mediterranean climate with stable temperatures. This cultivar needs warm weather to flourish.

If your region experiences temperature drops during fall, it could impact the quality and size of your yield.

In the Northern Hemisphere, you can plant your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds in April and collect their harvest towards the end of October.

Use large pots to plant your Amnesia Haze feminized plants and make sure they have plenty of space to accommodate any surprising growth spurts.

Prune your crop regularly to keep the shape and size manageable. Trim the fan leaves on top to ensure the lower parts of the plant receive adequate air and light. 

Remember to keep a watchful eye out for pests and diseases that can damage your crop. Spray a liquid fertilizer like compost tea on your plant’s leaves to boost their immune system.

You can make your own compost tea by steeping some compost in aerated water.

If you choose to grow indoors, you gain a lot more control over your feminized Amnesia Haze plants. Follow these guidelines for top-tier cannabis buds:

  • Maintain temperatures between 70–85℉.
  • Use 600W lights and expose your crops to plenty of light.
  • Keep the relative humidity at a maximum of 60% at the start of blooming, reducing it to 50–55% as flowering continues. Lower it to 45–50% in the final few weeks.
  • Trim the fan leaves regularly.
  • Incorporate the Sea of Green (SoG) technique to maximize harvests and optimize space.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds genetics

If you want a cultivar with a complex history and rich lineage, you’ve found it. 

Amnesia Haze has been on the block for so long that its ancestral history is shrouded in mystery.

Nobody truly knows its genetic makeup, but the consensus is that Amnesia Haze feminized is a conglomeration of various landrace strains from around the world, including:

  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Jamaica
  • Afghani
  • Hawaii

Typically, Amnesia Haze feminized buds contain around 70% sativa and 30% indica.

Its sativa genetics are influenced by landraces from Cambodia, Thailand, Jamaica, and Laos. On the other hand, its indica lineage comes from Afghani, Hawaiian, and South Asian strains.

Combine all these unique strains, and you’re left with a hard-hitting cultivar in the form of Amnesia Haze feminized.

Where to buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Before you go on a seed shopping spree, you need to check your local marijuana laws.

Find out if it’s legal to grow cannabis in your state and go over the general rules about all things weed, like buying, consuming, or possessing it.

If everything checks out, you can safely purchase some Amnesia Haze feminized seeds for your outdoor (or indoor) ganja garden.

Where do you buy top-quality cannabis seeds?

Your local dispensary might have some, but we recommend visiting an online seed bank for a wider variety of options.

To ensure you get what you paid for, only buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds from online seed banks that offer:

  • An extensive selection of premium marijuana seeds.
  • Around-the-clock customer support.
  • Speedy, discreet, and secure delivery.
  • Germination guarantees on all weed seeds.
  • A bustling online community that allows you to ask questions, get answers, and learn tips and tricks from other like-minded growers.
  • Real customer reviews on cannabis products.
  • A loyalty program and access to offers and promotions.

It might sound too good to be true, but places like this exist.

For instance, you can buy a top-quality batch of Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds and take advantage of all these benefits.

Get a fresh perspective with Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds are a household name in the cannabis community.

This award-winning strain gives you all the benefits of premium weed without any sacrifices.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds boast sativa-rich genetics, high THC levels, and sticky buds that ooze with resin. To top it off, a toke of these flowers sends your mind soaring.

Experienced weed breeders love cultivating Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, but beginners may struggle with the needs of this finicky plant.

If you’re up for the challenge and want a taste of premium cannabis seeds, don’t forget to check out Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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