Amazon Automatic Vs Manual Campaigns – Benefits & Drawbacks

Amazon PPC has quickly turned into an effective marketing and advertising channel on Amazon. But while it is reasonably easy to make your very first advertising campaign, successfully mastering Amazon PPC to drive sustained revenue & profit growth can be immensely tough.

The amount of new merchandise and vendors on Amazon additionally continue to rise exponentially year-to-year. With more vendors and sellers leveraging Amazon PPC within the advertising strategy, it gets more difficult (and expensive ) to conduct lucrative advertisements if you do not possess a defined PPC plan to assist you in accomplishing your marketing targets on Amazon.

Because of this, we recently devoted ourselves to composing a dedicated set of posts to assist our vendors in successfully master Amazon PPC. This manual outlines our comprehensive writings on crucial differences between automatic and manual campaigns.

When creating an Amazon Sponsor Product campaign, you can pick two available targeting alternatives: Automatic Targeting and Manual Targeting.

Targeting will help you to optimize your marketing campaign, which then provides you with more revenue. In this informative article, We’ll find out the comparison between Automatic and Manual campaign targeting but before that, let’s learn how they work:

Automatic Targeting: For auto-targeting campaigns, sellers need to choose the merchandise they would like to market and decide on a budget for your campaign. Amazon itself does the remaining portion of the job. Amazon automatically reveals your advertisements for keywords that fit your product category, related products and keywords on your item’s description.

Manual Targeting: To manual targeting campaigns, most sellers need to handpick keywords along with the products they would like to promote. Amazon will display your ads only as long as the shopper’s search query fits some of those keywords in the campaign.

In this video, we’ll be discussing the crux of featuring Sponsored ads on Amazon & campaign set up. 


In direct campaigns Seller manually defines the keyword phrases and the bidding rates in Manual efforts. Depending on the keyword match type, the item ad is displayed for the search term.

The two targeting options have their advantages. We recommend sellers to establish their Manual campaign (with the Exact & Broad match kinds ), followed by their automated campaign.

Benefits of using Automatic Campaigns

  1. Greate for PPC beginners due to easy setup.
  2. You can able to skip the trouble of entering keyword bids.
  3. If you operate an automated campaign, Amazon will collect data for you to apply to future campaigns. Amazon tracks clicks and spends, usually carrying 2 to 4 days to process. It can take around 2 to 4 months to gather enough data to see which campaigns are doing well.
  4. Automated campaigns allow for experimentation without placing much effort.
  5. They allow you to appear for long-tail research you may have never guessed people would search for.

Drawbacks of using Automatic Campaigns:

  1. Since you might have figured, allowing Amazon to pick the keywords automatically you’ll be bidding on offers you less control than the manual campaign structure.
  2. Automated campaigns make a bid on relevant provisions, but relevant does not necessarily mean rewarding. there’ll be irrelevant terms Automatic campaigns will bid money on
  3. You’re able to risk showing up for irrelevant phrases, which are not related to your product.

Benefits of using Manual Campaigns

  1. Great for those more experienced with PPC, who have the time to establish manual campaigns.
  2. You’ll be able to maximize your sales volume and ideal you ACoS.
  3. Bidding on keywords allows more precise targeting and may result in more sales if you’re successful.
  4. It’s easy to cut back bids or shed low-performing words.
  5. Amazon implies bids next to each keyword you would like to bid on, making it easier for the Seller.
  6. Manual campaigns help you test keyword ideas.

Drawbacks of Using Manual Campaigns

  1. Manually choosing every keyword to bid on takes tons of time and effort.
  2. There is a chance of losing money if you do not do proper keyword research before bidding.

Pro Tip: Use the data collected from your automated campaigns and punch them into your manual campaigns to increase your sales.

Manual campaigns provide the advantage of different bid rates for keywords of different conversion rates; High converting keywords may be bid high and optimized for high targeting, whereas low converting keywords may be bid at a lower rate.

Utilize our PPC Analyzer to track whether your optimization efforts have been successful, and immediately see whether you have succeeded in lowering your ACoS.

Author’s Bio:

Arishekar N, the Head of Marketing at SellerApp, specializes in digital marketing, in addition to website keyword optimization for search engines. His areas of expertise include enhancing the organic ranking of webpages on search engines with innovative SEO strategies and online promotions.

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